Screwed up

By santeewelding ·

While running midweek updates and light scans -- Security Essentials, SpyBot, Malwarebytes in Safe Mode -- I thought to check on flash cookies, while I was at it, using the Run Command, with:

dir /s * .sol


del /s /p * .sol

I used to do this regularly, like, once a week or so. Then, I got away from it. When, this time, I checked, there were HUNDREDS! of them. Before, there were only a half dozen or so, and I would manually address the, Delete <Y/N>? with y, and Enter.

As I physically wore out the y key and the Enter key with glazed eyes, I knew there had to be a better way to rope them all (*.* ?) and hit just one key.

Got it done. Got out of Safe Mode, only to be greeted with a black desktop and the cursor. When I call up Start, I get no icons next to my frugal selections. Oh, and while in Safe Mode, when I selected Run Command again, it was not to be had.

System Restore worked, after a fashion. I ran it to get a time some hours earlier; it worked; but still a black desktop, cursor gorgeous picture.

I'm running W7Pro [WinVer 6.1 (Build 7600)] by means of a full-install disc some months ago, on an Intel 3.00GHz dual-core with 80-gig Raptor, and an NVidia card.

What have I screwed up this time?


Edited to add: all my Firefox bookmarks are gone, too. I had to get back to TR the hard way.


Restarted. I have my icons back (Thunderbird, Firefox, Command Prompt, and WordPad). Still a black screen, though.

I'm going to bed.

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Atomic Clocks

by oldbaritone In reply to Server settings

reset themselves.

Toss the manuals and look it up online if you can't figure it out when you change the batteries every 3-5 years.


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Insert your Acronis boot disk.

by Ron K. In reply to Screwed up

Navigate to your backup on your secondary drive and restore to your C drive, including the boot sector. It should take roughly 10-15 minutes if all you have is a bare minimum on your computer.<br>

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I was, like

by santeewelding In reply to Insert your Acronis boot ...

Eighteen or nineteen when I delved -- big-time delved -- into the meaning of, "administrate".

This was before computers.

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You don't know

by Ron K. In reply to I was, like

how close I've come to sending a new copy of Acronis to you. It saves SO much aggravation. What's stopped me is that old 'lead a horse to water' thing.<br>
As it is now, I had to snicker, just a little.<br>
Cuss me all you want.

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Cussing you

by santeewelding In reply to You don't know

Would be to cuss a warrior.

Don't cuss me, neither.

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You're part of the solution, you ask me. (Edited)

by Ron K. In reply to Cussing you

Not part of the problem. <br>
Sometimes I do have 'pet names' for you, none of which I'd be afraid to say to your face, no matter how you were kitted out. I can be creative too.<br> <br><br>
Edit: I have noticed that my creativity and admonishments become much more friendly when my friends are carrying multiple deadly weapons. Weird how that happens.

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Creative, huh?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to You're part of the soluti ...

My wife, when she was in the states on exchange, took dumbf-uck and wed it to god-damn.
She says she got a lot of stunned silences with that one.

Ron; that same psychological mechanic, working in reverse, explains why people talk so much shilt on the interweb - thinking themselves out of range.

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Yeah, I've heard it said the we aren't people behind our screen names.

by Ron K. In reply to Creative, huh?

We are, with all of the emotions that we exhibit in real life. The biggest difference here is that we can pause before hitting 'Submit Post', creating an online persona that may or may not be what we are IRL.

The pause is like having brain in gear before talking. Sometimes we do. Other times we don't GAF. Sometimes we don't GAF what we post either. At least sometimes I don't.<br>
I have a longish motto that I've chosen as my own. <br>
You don't know me.<br>
You don't know who I am.<br>
You don't know the pain that I've been through.<br>
So don't judge me,<br>
until you stand where I stand. <br>
I don't need you or anyone else to approve,<br>
because the blood in these veins is tried and true.-Montgomery Gentry <br>
I generally always have an attitude. We all do. I express mine as I see fit.

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The thing about people on line

by jdclyde In reply to Creative, huh?

there are a lot of people that are not pleased with themselves or who they are, so they pretend to be something they are not when hiding behind the computer screen. I recognize that happens a lot. I also recognize that someone can't pretend forever, and if they regularly come to a community such as this, people will see through them.

Some are more abusive, some pretend to know more than everyone else, some are both.

Then there are others that use the computer in place of a phone to communicate with people they have come to know over the years and have grown to consider friends.

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And then some just show up here, briefly.

by Ron K. In reply to Creative, huh?

They explain how their computer screwed up and they're without backups for their 'irreplaceable' files. There will be one along any moment now. <br>

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