Seagate 500GB SATA HDD with Maxtor 120GB ATA

By itwiz90 ·
My original hard disk was about to fail so I cloned it on the SATA. I was running two hard disks. The Seagate is the Primary SATA drive, but the system does not pick up the other hard drive 120GB which was the slave to my original hard drive.
On boot the prompt reads "Primary 0 drive not found". The system BIOS shows the SATA drive, but the slave drive is now showing as unknown device. I have to press F1 to boot to the SATA drive. I changed the jumper on the Maxtor to Master since it was the only drive of that type on that cable, but to no avail.
How do I get the system to see my other hard disk? I am runing XP Pro SP3.

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Seagate 500GB SATA HDD with Maxtor 120GB ATA

by arslan1982 In reply to Seagate 500GB SATA HDD wi ...

If i understand you correctly you have one IDE and one SATA drive, if yes then check if you can access teh 120GB drive in windows...(and if both are SATA and if you had raid previously then try to rebuild raid first)...Otherwise remove the sata drive and check if you can boot using the 120GB hdd, if no then please backup your IMP data and then Debug the HDD...

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Seagate 500GB SATA HDD with Maxtor 120GB ATA

by itwiz90 In reply to Seagate 500GB SATA HDD wi ...

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I cannot see the 120GB drive in windows, it does not have an O/S on it, it was just for storage of temporary video files. I don't think I'll be able to boot from it. Is there anything else I can try?

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Use the Makers Testing Utility

by OH Smeg In reply to Seagate 500GB SATA HDD wi ...

To test the function of the IDE drive here

It is just possible that this was the drive failing or that the M'Boards IDE Controller had failed.


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Question about your reply OH Smeg

by itwiz90 In reply to Use the Makers Testing Ut ...

Thank you for your response.

I originally had two drives (C|D). I kept getting the blue screen of death and upon reboot, I would get the message that "the system has recovered from a critical error" or something like that, and it would direct me to Microsoft site which told me my hard drive was about to fail, which I suspected any way it's 7 to 8 years old. It would freeze up on me more and more as time went by. So, I cloned the (C) drive. I now boot from the cloned drive removed te (C) drive. The (D) drive which was the slave to the old (C), will not show up in windows. I changed the jumpers, thinking that might have been it and it still doesn't get picked up by the system. Do you mean to tell me it was the (D) drive that was actually failing? The (D) was for storage of files only.

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It very well could have been the problem

by OH Smeg In reply to Question about your reply ...

You need to use the HDD Makers Testing utility to correctly Diagnose HDD Problems as Windows will just report a Generic Drive Error and not specifically list the actual HDD or M'Board which is at fault.

If the IDE Controller on the M'Board is going faulty the HDD will be reported as Faulty as Windows can not distinguish between the IDE Controller and either of the HDD attached in your case.

The correct way to test any HDD Issue is to run the HDD Makers testing Utility then if the drive passes that means that the HDD, Data Lead, Power Lead and M'Board are all working within the limits of acceptable use.

But if the drive fails the test you need to remove it from the computer and retest it again in another suitable computer. If it still fails the HDD is faulty as reported and needs replacing. But if it passes the second Test that means that the M'Board, Power Supply/Power Lead and or Data Lead is faulty and needs replacing to make the system work reliably again.

HDD's showing bad sectors can be the result of a Failing Coating on the Platters, an Electronic issue on the Circuit Board on the bottom of the HDD, a Failing Power Supply/Power Lead, a Faulty data Lead or a Failing M'Board IDE Controller. Till you retest only the drive in a different computer you have no idea exactly what is going wrong and the idea of performing Diagnostic tests is to isolate the real problem and then take steps to fix it. If the drive passes the second test you need to retest it again in the second computer but this time use the First Computers Data Lead, then if that passes the test use any Power Splitters or if there where none change the Power Supply tot he second system and retest again.

This way it is a process of elimination to find the faulty part and in the case of all subsequent tests passing with the Data Lead, Power Splitter and Power Supply tested separately that just leaves the M'Board as the problem. I have seen numerous people replace HDD's when they actually needed a $5.00 Data Lead as that was all that was wrong with their system and even after replacing the HDD they still have to replace the Data Lead so they are no better off.

But even if the Old Drive was Perfectly OK you should never Clone any HDD that was showing signs of problems as you just transfer those problems over to the new HDD. You need to install the OS from scratch to correctly replace a Faulty HDD and to return the system to Reliable Functioning.

By cloning a failing Install of Windows you have transfered the problems from the old Install to the new HDD and are no better off just poorer. Even if the Drive was in the process of failing you should never Clone off it as the Files will stand the chance of being corrupt and any corrupt files causing problems will be copied exactly as they are tot he new drive to repeat those problems. If the HDD Makers Tests are all Passed and the system is still giving problems it is all down tot he Software and this needs to be addressed by reinstalling it all not moving the problem to a new HDD and then trying to work out what is wrong. That is the actions of someone who doesn't know what they are doing or worse still someone who sells parts unnecessarily just to get money at the expense of their customers. Neither can be called Professional in any way shape or form. One is a rouge charging for substandard work and the other is nothing better than a thief who pushes parts onto their customers unnecessarily.


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A couple of thoughts

by ugadata In reply to Seagate 500GB SATA HDD wi ...

You may want to verify that:

All cables are still connected tightly (you may have loosened the connector on the MB side)

Use the "master" connector on the cable along with having jumpered the drive as a "master" (this shouldn't be necessary but .....) and be sure to use primary controller.

It is also possible that BIOS settings are preventing the use of the SATA and Primary PATA controller to be used at the same time.

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Oh and in addition ...

by ugadata In reply to A couple of thoughts

You could remove the PATA drive from inside the machine and use a USB enclosure for it.

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A few things to try

by philldmc In reply to Seagate 500GB SATA HDD wi ...

First I would suggest changing the jumper to cable select on the hard drive(CS) this is the safest setting to use. Some systems bios if a drive is select to master the bios will look for a slave.

Double check your bios settings if you post your motherboard model I'll look up the manual for you and tell the correct settings.

Also double check the AHCI settings this should only be enable under certian enviroments.

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To philldmc (My Specs)

by itwiz90 In reply to A few things to try

Hopefully you'll find what you need from this abbreviated list of my specs.
I will try and update my BIOS, I think I may need to do that too.

5120P Cord, Power, 125V, 6Feet, Unshielded
0P619 Ship, Material, Precision Workstation 650, United States, No, AMF

2K812 Printed Wiring Assembly, Planar, Placer, Precision Workstation 650

2R177 Processor, 80532, 2.4G, 512K, 533FSB, Xenon


6W461 Base, Transformer Metroplex Desktop,

2.4GHz, 533FSB, 650n, Xeon
1835C Module, Documentation, Airborne
MS Precision WorkStations, MIDNIGHT GRAY...

2R177 Processor, 80532, 2.4G, 512K, 533FSB, Xenon

4K666 Card, Controller, Voltage Regulator Module, 9.1

5T464 Module, Processor, 2.4GHz, 2nd, 533FSB, Precision Workstation

4W616 Dual In-line Memory Module, 512, 266M, 64X72, 8K, Error Correction Code, 184



2D502 Assembly, Cable, Hard Drive, SCSI, 4 Drop, PRECISION WORKSTATION...


N0915 Module, Software, Red Hat, 9, Precision Workstation, Red Hat, English

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Seagate 500GB SATA HDD with Maxtor 120GB ATA

by arslan1982 In reply to To philldmc (My Specs)

I m sorry for the Delay....

As is see in your specs u were using 2 hdd of same size, same speed and same capacity.. That means your computer was RAID Configured..
There are 2 types of RAID for home users...
1st. RAID 0 and 2nd RAID 1.

RAID 1 :

""In a RAID 1 mirror array, the data on one hard drive is duplicated on a second hard drive. If either hard drive fails, the other continues to work as a single drive until the failed drive is replaced. Conceptually simple, RAID 1 is popular with users who require fault tolerance and do not need top-notch read performance. RAID 1 arrays are limited to the size of the drives used.RAID 1 is used for DATA SECURITY""

RAID 0 :
""RAID 0 is Stripe Array. Once you install anything on the computer it is divided into 2 parts and stored on both the hdds with half data on first hdd and half on another. In RAID 0 if one hdd fails then there is a total data loss.That means one has to reinstall teh Operating system in this case.""

Now it depends which RAID you were using. But now i would suggest you to get the same capacity of the slave hdd and connect it in place of 500GB..If your computer is using RAID 1 then the computer will install the OS from one hdd to another and everything will work fine, also you can get your Data backed up...
BUT if your computer is set to RAID 0 then also you have to get teh same capacity HDD and you will have to reinstall the OS.

IF tis is helpful then Reply me..

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