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security on a local network

By rosorna2 ·
Hi, I have a question. If I have cable internet and there are set
up, let us say, 2 computers to use that connection, is it possible
to secure one computer completely from being hacked into by
the other. Someone sharing my internet connection did
something which allowed him to see in real time what I was
looking up on the internet and to watch along with me some
videos I was watching. I did not have file sharing enabled and I
used a mac. The mac firewall was on and I had a router, but not
one of the best, probably. Is there any hardware firewall that
would prevent such a local intrusion and record the intrusion
attempts, and if so which?Or some other product that would
detect and record this local intrusion?Is there a way to "see" this
other computer? Additionally, could both of
the computers have the same ip address or not?

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by rosorna2 In reply to Most software

Thanks. I really appreciate your replies.
I don't know if this has been answered, but if I configure a router
and firewall properly, will this prevent the person with a
promiscous ethernet card from seeing the packets of data I receive
and send on the internet?

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by segaustus In reply to thanks

How did you discover that this person was doing this? Did they show you? I can't remember if the Terminal services in Remote Desktop Connection allow you to see video while "spectating". Perhaps they installed some third-party software. If you know this person is doing this either find a way to get them off of your network or notify the authorities. Yes there are programs out there that detect promiscuous mode NIC's and will allow you to decrypt keys...blah blah blah, but the truth is you don't know how much knowledge this guy has. I would say if available on macs get Norton Internet security/anti-virus, Lavasoft's ad-aware, sysinternal's rootkit revealer,process explorer, Spybot. Disable automatic cookies, Disable pop-ups. Blah blah blah. It's really hard to come up with a solution because I was confused on how it is exactly that you "share" your internet connection. Let us know.

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