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By advancedgeek ·
I am going to start studying for the security+, then get my CISSP...but I am wondering what the rest of the community thinks about it. Has everyone shun CompTIA certs, or is Security+ worth my time? rated it the #9 cert for 2005. whaddya think? *pls note if you took the test, and how bad was it...thx.

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Basic security cert

by gralfus In reply to Security+

I am gearing up for this cert currently. I bought a self-test software and no books, and so far I'm getting about 90% just based on my earlier studies (W2K Administration, CCNA, Net+). So it seems to be a basic certification.

If you are entering a security field, it is a nice one to have on the list. Certainly no reason to "shun" CompTIA, they have respectable intro certs.

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by CuteElf In reply to Basic security cert

I'm taking a class with Security, its cool.

I will say this:
I need to learn CLI Linux and CLI Unix and some script/programming.

Reading what's in my textbook , there are a lot of acronyms *god our bane* which I dont use. KNOW THOSE.

Play around with sniffers and spoofers and network baselining.
I need to get my hands on a live network with this setup already.

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Oy, the acronyms...

by gralfus In reply to

I've never seen so many until I started looking at this cert. They "acronize" everything to the point of stupidity. How many translations for MAC are there now?

I'm half expecting them to just stop using English entirely, or should I say IHETTJSUEE.

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by house In reply to Security+

from previous studies will help you a lot with this exam. CISSP is a far shot from the entry level Sec+.

What's cool about the Sec+ is that it now counts towards your MCSE/MCSA. You used to need the combination of two specific Comptia certs in order to match one MS elective, but the Sec+ alone counts as one full exam (even for your 2003).

I'm not a big fan of the Sec+, but as long as you're in the pursuit of knowledge, you can't go wrong.

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free 2 me

by advancedgeek In reply to Redundancy...

well ive already passed sec+ doesn't help me at all for my microsoft tests (I have my mcsa...working to finish my mcse) reality i'm taking sec+ because both the test, and a class is already paid for by my employer. I guess sec+ will only provide me with something else for my business card :).

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by advancedgeek In reply to Security+

I am taking this test march 18th or 21st...does anyone have a favorite site to view material on it? Can I get a copy of some tests if anyone has some available (I'll start my FTP serv @home)? I will return the favor...

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Security starts at the plug in the wall not the desktop

by zczc2311 In reply to Security+

I would like to introduce you to a fundamental that I have stuck to all my life.

Security starts at the plug in the wall and ends at the desktop
?..not the other way around.

I currently use a D-link DFL700 in an integrated hardware solution that is equivalent to a D-Link DFL1100.

Currently 49% of the traffic coming out of the plug is stopped and or dropped or returned to the originator by Hardware security, the remainder in caught by SP2 and almost nothing gets through in or out of Trend Micro Internet security 2005.

Syslog monitoring is provided by Kiwisyslog Daemon (client and server in 1 application)

In every client I consult for I employ a hardware security solution First before looking at their desktop.

It is a very ugly world out there and if you are serious about security please starts at the plug in the wall and if you don't let them in the front door in the first place, you can begin to focus on securing the site

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Got for the CISSP

by flosofl In reply to Security+

I have never seen anyone impressed by Security+. Get the CISSP. Of course, you need to have actual work experience in security in addition to taking the test. You won't get a CISSP even if you pass the test without a relevant work history.

Most of your CompTIA certs are good if all you want to do is help desk or work at Best Buy.

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by advancedgeek In reply to Security+

Well I passed the Security+ test was certainly harder than I thought it would be. I only passed with an 804! At least now my alphabet soup after my name will have a word in it :).

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