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Security Solutions: Open source risk

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In this week's Security Solutions TechMails column, Mike Mullins highlights some of the security issues regarding open source software deployment. Are your servers running Linux? Are you satisfied with the security that they provide to your network?Do you modify your own source code or depend on patches?

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patches and holes

by tom In reply to Security Solutions: Open ...

Why use linux with all the patches and holes in it??
I use open source, but not Linux.
Try OpenBSD. 1 Remote hole in 7 years. With about 10 patches per 6 months, but not all security patches.

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by Snap In reply to Security Solutions: Open ...

(Originally submitted as a reply direct to the author).

Your article seems to suggest that non-free software should warrant better protection against flaws, and that the vendor should be willing to fix flaws quickly.
That may be correct in a few cases. However, experience suggests that the vendor often will charge a hefty fee for correcting flaws in such commercial software.
Unfortunately the user will have no option but to pay out in such circumstances.
With open-source software there is no need for the user to fix any flaws himself, because there will be an abundance of qualified consultants willing, and allowed, to do so at very competitive rates.
With the commercial software it can even at times be regarded as a breach of contract to even approach somebody to have security flaws fixed, as this may be seen as an act of publicising such flaws.


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