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Every year USA expend thousand of millions, even billions of dollars in security. Especially, in NT or XP environment. Problem is, that there is not a radical solution to Security, the spy ware and virus are there as well the breaks ins, so those who suffer in reality are the home users, and our children are exposed to pornography and many honest networks lost money.
Security administrators, as well many IT technicians know that security has two main folded problems.
1. Spywares and viruses.
2. The hackers attacks

The main radical solutions cover these two aspects, the malwares and the break in. A good security system must involved the end of spywares and virus as well the invisibility of all our ports, telnet, ping, tcp and udp incoming and outgoing etc. So, if a hacker wants to break in, will not know were to start. Don?t need to buy routers. I?ve been enjoying this freedom for almost two years. I won?t deny that I have tried two sell this information, using various means but I do lack in connection, so tonight Friday the 6, 2006 I have take the decision of sharing it, with you for free. I do not belong to the Open Source community, so do not mistaking me. So without more talk let?s walk the end of malwares, and enjoy the knowledge of having a secure system.

FIRSTH SOLUTION. The NT System windows 2000 or xp and the coming vista as a base, and the NT system and NT have as base the Unix System, with the difference that the code is not open for modification. The Unix System or GNU+Linux, do not have the problems of spywares and virus. Is possible to have a windows system without or almost nothing of malwares, is very simple even my 13 years old boy can do it. Although is easy the information itself is high in relevance even some Computer Scientist do not know about it, and those who know it wont tell you the full implication.
The information and steps of doing have my private rights, no the tools, I give the information for free to you but in any way this information could be used to make a software that contains this information, this information is done out the book therefore I own it, and will summarize the tree steps in bold letters:
3. PASSWORDS (this is of much importance, It wrap it up every thing, at the beginning do your passwords as you want. At the end if you decided to follow my information regarding password, you follow it, the decision is complete yours. The first and second step will work regardless you follow the third step or not.
This is a hands on practice, it been tested for almost 2 years is not longer in beta.
So let?s begin the hand on experience.
If you have the option of doing a whole Recovery System do it, (put your back up files in a cd) if not I will tell you when to begin. DISCONNECT OF THE INTERNET ONLY SHOULD BE CONNECT THE KEYBOARD, THE MOUSE , THE MONITOR AND THE SPEAKERS.
If you have the Icon of Recovery System click on it. If a window comes out telling you ? you partition disk is gone? do not worried, simply right click the icon, and click properties, a box will show and where it says open target, left click on it (when I do not say right click, all is left click) four icons will appear, the icon that says write a cd , click on it, the icon now will appear in the bottom left side of your screen saying that you need to place a CD-W and write , once is finish writing it , the cd-w will be push out itself , take the CDW out, and a small box will tell you restart, click OK, if not small box shows up restart anyway, once in your desktop right click the Recovery System icon, click the open option, and the big box of Recovery System will show up, it will ask if you want to start the process click ok, it will ask if you have created a cdw check mark yes, continue it, you will be ask if you want to do a full System Recovery or a Custom for advance users check mark the advance users and continue, you will see a box within a small box that said the number of your default space , in my case is 15 gb. Now is the time of increasing your space , not hardware is needed, those who tell you that in order to increase your gb , there is the need of buying hardware, are only after your money and it can cost you 300 hundred dollars, so my computer is 2003 and have 15 gb as default I put 90 the next one will be? all ? , you don?t want to put all , you may have the option of putting 120 before ?all? then do it, How much you put is entirely up to you, but according to my experience put the number before all is ok in my system. IF you want increase your space is up to you, no matter what, one day a box will show up saying that you are running out of space then buy a new computer or pay 300 dollars to your favorite tech store, some will say the increase is only virtual is not physical, again that is just talk , I have tested and work not hardware is needed, if you decided to increase your space, once, you do it click continue and the recovery system will start, those whose Icon of RS is ok, click you have created already a CDW, and follow the same steps when the whole system recovery is completed you will be ask to write a SR cdw, anyway, then the whole system will restart and the whole recovery of C+D drives will start, those who?s computers do not have the ICON SR do not worry we haven start yet the termination of malwares .
TERMINATION OF SPYWARES AND IMMUNIZATION TO VIRUS. Once you finish the whole RS or if you haven?t done the RS, restart your computer, while is restarting press the F8 key then a black page appears, giving you several option, using the arrows keys you go to SAFE MODE press enter and you will see the partition files, then the ADMINISTRATOR OPTION will appear you must enter as ADMINISTRATOR click and once you enter click ok and a black desktop screen without internet connection will appear go to run and type MSCONFIG click ok a box will show up , go to the start items option once there click DISABLE all the items must be disable , press apply and ok and exit without restart, is in this moment that you do the end of malwares(virus, spywares etc) once you have done it, Keep in mind that you are not removing you are just disabling. The sweet side of this program is that you are disabling the strongest spywares click apply and ok, exit without restart, then click on explorer icon, go to tools click internet options, in general you type the name of the page to do search, delete all cookies, delete all files off line files as well , put your history in 0 value and click and ok erase history. Go to the next tab there you increase the default of the internet icon as well Ethernet, apply, go to privacy and increase the default , go to connection and check automatic detection, then apply , go to the last tab and uncheck third parties connections, DO NOT restart, go to control panels right click , and click open, go to ad and remove, if quicken for taxes is off date you must remove it, we want to get rid of , the ports the hackers must be using, after go again to the start and right click on my computer click on properties and uncheck remote help, closed, and those who have done your whole RS is a good time to set your administrator password go to control panel , click users, click administrator and set the password, I found out that in a house is better to have only one user, nobody has the right to profile each member of the family, the same could be applied to networks, close DO NOT restart , go to run MSCONFIG must be there click ok on the MSCONFIG BOX and exit restarting, you will end at your desktop and the box of msconfig must be there check that nothing is there even if little messenger is check disable and EXIT WHITHOUT RESTART.
All seems to be normal; wrong although all is colorful, you are in a mode the safeties? mode in windows, just one click should be enough to open the programs, get rid of the costume of keep clicking the screen is an unsafe practice.
After, the speed will increase, you can listen to all kinds of music your kids can play in messenger and your computer never slow down the end of malwares have begun, who did it you did it , go to the explorer and repeat the same steps only that in connection you don?t do nothing, repeat all you have done in safe mode, and this is over. To those who done the whole RS update till you get SPACK 2.
ADMMINISTRATOR . Root word in Greek OIKONOMY, oiko= household, nomy= law or arrangement. The arrangement of the house , as a Administrator you have the right of disabling the start items, which are part of the EULA agreement, only as Administrator you have the right not of removing but disable the start items, as Administrator you can do it, and not law, can take away from you, what you think is better for your household.
Waiting for your speedy feed back

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by Jaqui In reply to I've been promoted!

feeling a bit.. fragmented in your personalities today?

suffering heavily from your multiple personality disorder today I see.

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by apotheon In reply to I've been promoted!

It's just the sleep deprivation talking.

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How are things on Mount Olympus?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I've been promoted!

It must be tough having to move again so soon.

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He Who Kills

by BFilmFan In reply to I've been promoted!

Better not take that lil chain off your belly then or else bad Dennis Hopper kinda things might happen....

Plus Karen Black ain't so hot anymore.

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both of ya

by apotheon In reply to I've been promoted!

Palmetto: I'm not moving again. I like it here. I'm having Olympus brought to me. I'm a pantheon, after all -- I can do that.

BFilm: I blame the sleep deprivation. I'm missing the references.

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Film References

by BFilmFan In reply to I've been promoted!

Trilogy of Terror where a lil Zuni fetish doll named "He Who Kills" has his lil chain about his waist removed by Karen Black. The evil lil doll then proceeds to chase her about the apartment with a huge butcher knife.

Today, it is viewed as some really bad special effects, but back in the 70's when it first came out, it scared the utter living poop out of my kid brothers and sisters.

Earlier reference on TR to He Who Kills:

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Not a troller...

by noyoki In reply to Pantheon

Just a spammer. What gives? Three times posting the exact same thing with a different title. Trying to up your postcount or something? Lol.

Try typing in your native language and asking babelfish to translate it. It might prove a bit better. If no one can understand it now, what have you to loose?

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There you go again

by jdclyde In reply to PUSHING THE ENVELOP

How many times are you going to spam this same message around TR? Continue to cut and paste the exact same message and you will only recieve ridicule for not only making post the average tech can't understand, but for also being nothing more than just another common spammer.

When you grow up and buy yourself a clue, you will realize that your pasted comment does NOT fit in to most converstations and only makes you look even more foolish than you did before spamming it around.

Grammar and typos are easily forgiven. Being a crya$$ spammer is not.

Nice touch to keep telling people that you are done and then keep going anyways.

most secure, not impressed.

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by vidalr In reply to Wow Lengthy Post - unfort ...


All that I said was that I have a windows XP that is secure, fast, and very reliable. The gathering of information, research, testing, is my own property.
Because Got tired to try to sell the information and I couldn?t doe to my lack of connection I tried to give it for free trough the TECH MAGAZINE.
I have received feedbacks like:
. I haven?t read something that bizarre.
. Say?what
. You are sitting in a gold mine etc (Matthew Forgive for telling you do not replay).
So I will give you my address
I?m giving you, more specific information. I?m using an apple or Linux wall paper.
At your end all you have to do is:
1. Described and tell me the wall paper.
2. What I have in my Favorites in Internet explorer.

Any damage to my system doe to my handling to you my domicile is entirely my responsibility and I assumed all losses. I swear before the Canadian flag and the bible that there is not trickery on my end but what I believed to be the most secure system in the world.
And as well swear before the Canadian flag and the bible that not one person will be accused of breaking on my system.
Every person has only one shot and receives help only of one outsider.
Waiting for your speedy replay

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I'm not a hollywood hacker

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to OPEN LETTER

even routine security would surpass my current knowledge level and without a lot of effort I'm not prepared to put in, I doubt I could put a dent in it.
Note most of the holes in any system are made by the owner out of sheer ignorance, not by that twit Neo

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