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Self Taught is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had enough of all you so called self taught people. Why are you in your job?

You have no right to be there.

What gives you the right?

You never bothered to study the foundations of your profession. You make me sick.

Pray the day you entrust somthing to these wannabes!

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Excellent idea!

by apotheon In reply to Wouldn't put it that stro ...

Having students work on each others' code like that is a great idea. It astounds me that schools don't seem to have stumbled upon that idea yet.

Then again, the instructors in college programming classes are often ivory tower academics who've never done production development themselves these days.

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Well that would institute

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Excellent idea!

competition between students. This would damage them emotionally, making some 'lose' and look like failures. It's a sort of child abuse really is n't it. It would damage them in later life.

Any reasonable person has got to agree with this view haven't they ?

Makes you f'kin boil doesn't it!

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In a word . . .

by apotheon In reply to Excellent idea!
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Come on the pair of you!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Excellent idea!

You both know the saying Those That Can Do & Those That Can't Teach!

You could never accuse many of these teachers as being overly bright and even worse you can never accept that they would willing be shown up by their students.

I can still remember the very first drawing that I did when I was doing Mech Engineering a assembly Open & In Line which couldn't be assembled but the pictures looked so nice.

I got marked down for changing the drawing because you couldn't assemble it and was promptly told that it wasn't a Design Problem but a Fitting Problem.


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I would n't say teachers were unintelligent

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Excellent idea!

just incredibly stupid sometimes.

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"In the real world"

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to What gives me the right.. ...

I know someone that was a computer science major at a large college that had a issue with the department chairperson/professor. You see, the college?s computers were running DOS while the student had Windows 95. This meant that the college had one version of Turbo Pascal while the student had another. To get around the differences the student took advantage of the pre-processor in writing a homework assignment so that in DOS some statements would be compiled and in Windows other statements would be.

The issue was that the professor refused to compile and execute the students program because in her words, ?it won?t work.? The student taking the initiative herself compiled and executed the program herself in front of the professor. The professor was appalled that the student would not believe her and embarrass in front of others promptly marked down the student?s grade for lack of respect and cheating.

The professor?s logic for the student cheating was that the student read the manual for the compiler. The professor continued that, ?in the real world programmers need to make due without manuals.? In disgust the student left college.

Thinking about it now professors without real world experience are part of the problem.

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by jdclyde In reply to Self Taught is the best!! ...

The only thing he is good for is to put on a hook and go fishing.

I am out of here.

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Civic duty

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to WHY IS ANYONE RESPONDING ...

Besides he may come back, and I have to work much harder at flaming you guys now.

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Actually Tony this Troll

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Civic duty

Is still smarting from being fired for Computer Misuse in it's last position and that was only a summer Fill in job without pay where it's piratically impossible to be fired from. After all who's going to fire a freebie? :) :^0

But little Spuddy M found out just how disposable it actually is I understand it's applying for Bill Gates Old Job God Help Us All!

It wants to do all the development on the next version of Vista.

Col ]:)

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Must have been while I was away

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Actually Tony this Troll

Consider him shunned from now on.

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