Selfish Computer Admin

By emreblora ·
My wife is working from a computer company they have their own website and own server well this is how i can describe it.
well she's more interested with the server, becoz when the company hired this IT he blocks (probably yes) the program taht my wife is usually using say LIMEWIRE,,, she cant use this since that IT is around is there any solution that she can do say enabling it on her computer. Lately some heard that the IT is doing all the downloads... Selfish isn,t it

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P2P networks such as LimeWire...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Selfish Computer Admin

are among the most virus, trojan, worm infested zones in Cyberville. It's hardly selfish for a network administrator to block sites and networks that cause the company trouble.

It is also the network admins responsibility to keep illegal internet activity out of his/her domain/network. A lot of what is done via Limewire is illegal.

P2P activities also consume bandwidth which is somewhat precious and already heavily allocated on company networks. Every personal bit of whatever that your wife downlads via a dirty P2P network not only risks bringing viruses, worms, and trojans into the network (thus risking taking it down), it consumes bandwidth.

The network admin is doing his/her job - which is to control usage, illegal activity and keep the network running smoothly.
[among other things]

Your wife - and apparently you - are the selfish ones.

edited typo - should have added a naughty word or 2

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Well at least someones is doing their job

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Selfish Computer Admin

The number of work related uses for limewire can be counted on teh thumbs of one hand, the number of potential busienss threats = the number of users you see on it at anyone point.

Selfish, yeah, the admin want's to keep their job and not and up in a cell with someone called Bubba who real pleased to see him.


PS there can be legitimate use of P2P, what is the business case for accepting the risk though? If you use it you knoe the sort of files available for sharing.

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Selfish????I doubt

by bhaskar_js In reply to Selfish Computer Admin

the IT guy is doing his job...this Limewire is the biggest piece of monkey crap I have is full of virus/malware/trojan etc.

The most selfish System Admin becomes the best System Admin.

At first why your wife is using Limewire at workplace??? To download some crap..

Thums up to the IT Guy...I would think that no one here will guide u in this case.

And also i doubt he must be doing downloads to further tie hands of people like your wife...good luck IT guy

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Yes I got a solution for you

by animatech In reply to Selfish Computer Admin

Install that program at home and use it over there cause this is where it belong.
Your wife should not use P2P at work.
As for the IT guy 2 thumbs up.

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The Administrator is doing their job - Your wife isn't

by Labrat636 In reply to Selfish Computer Admin

In fact, she is also endangering the company's network and computers when using LIMEWIRE - I would block her access completely if she "worked" here -

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Administrators Job

by emreblora In reply to The Administrator is doin ...

oh yeah???? how can u xplain it??? administrator is doing his job how come why is he the only one using the program and the others cant??? hamn??
Or you just dont know what is the solution to disable this via sever???
hehehe just asking are you an IT

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Ace whole

by SaintGeorge In reply to Administrators Job

First of all, you don't know that the IT is using P2P. For all you know the downloads he is doing might be work related. Anyway you are twice removed from him, so you have no place judging what he does or does not. Nor does your wife, for that matter.
Second, you are no IT yourself or you would know whether you could avoid the block, how to avoid id and then wouldn not even think of doing it. Twice removed in case you are not posing just to draw sympathy for "your wife".
How come it's you and not your wife doing the inquiry? Do you have any other post here? Like asking for a list of pirate-sites to download software?

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IT Consultant???

by annthieleman In reply to Administrators Job

You have got to be joking - You claim IT status and you think it is unfair? This is the biggest piece of illiterate drivel I have ever read in this forum. Do you think its fair for an employer to pay someone, such as your wife, to download illegal and questionable content, and to ultimately crash the whole system? Would you pay an employee to do that to your system? She should be terminated with possible charges, pending an investigation. Don't call yourself an IT Consultant, you insult the rest of us.

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You aint an IT guy

by vaughanm In reply to Administrators Job

If you worked in IT you would know that the firewall not the server is blocking your limewire connection

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by mazinoz In reply to Administrators Job

You know he is doing this how?

If you know he is doing this you should also
know how to do this yourselves.

The selfish moron who is not (or hopefully is not!) an 'IT consultant' is crystal clear to all the real consultants out there and that person is YOU!

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