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Sen John Kerry should be ashamed of himself

By jdclyde ·
Sen John Kerry should be ashamed of himself.

On "Face the Nation", Sunday December 4th, 2005, the Senator took to that airwaves accusing the US military of acts of terrorism against "kids and children, you know, women" and that it is the Iraqies that should be terrorising them instead.

"And there is no reason, Bob, that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women, breaking sort of the customs of the--of--the historical customs, religious customs. Whether you like it or not...


Sen. KERRY: ...Iraqis should be doing that."
(end of page 4, beginning of page 5)

This is the man that was ALMOST President of the most powerful Country in the world? How is that for a scary though? And to think we MAY run again in 2008?

Read the interview if you didn't see it on TV before responding. Would hate to see people accusing anyone else of taking things out of context.

Do you think Sen. John Kerry is way out of line and should apologyze to the US forces, or is he stating something that is true but a hard pill to swollow?

Full transcript here in PDF format.

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Where is NeilB when we need him?

by jdclyde In reply to Naivety

What pray tell, is a "twonk"? I'm sure Kerry is one, but I have no idea what it means!

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by neilb@uk In reply to Where is NeilB when we ne ...

It's another regional version of "idiot". I've only ever heard it used by Brummies but it must stretch further north.

You can find it in my lexicon between "twocker" and "twunt".

I think that Tony is doing this on purpose!

Supplied free by Neil's Translation Services despite the fact that he's up to his eyeballs in a SAN reorganisation.

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A tribute

by jdclyde In reply to "twonk"

to Neil's Translation Services, for actions above and beyond the call of duty!

So, exactly where would a "Yank" find this "lexicon" so that future words of puzzlement can be looked up?

Not to mention, it makes it easier for me to get away with insulting people if I can find innocent sounding words that are bad bad bad! ]:)

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Oh all right then

by neilb@uk In reply to A tribute
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Now imagine if a Republican said something similar

by Garion11 In reply to Sen John Kerry should be ...

The press gives this scumbag a free pass but they are all too ready to hang the any Republicans...

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Of course.

by stan In reply to Sen John Kerry should be ...

Kerry has sided with America's enemies in every confilct during his adult life. Why would anyone trust him to defend the country when everything he has done is the exact opposite?

He should get down on his knees and apologize to every member of the US Armed Forces, past and present, and retire from public life.

I wonder if any democrat will condem his remarks, or those of Dean or Durbin. Or any of the others of their ilk.

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by Prolific0ne In reply to Of course.

I had to read all of the replies before I made my own, so here goes... I can't tell from reading if any of the respondents have served in the military, but I have. I am middle of the road politically and a registered Independant so I hold BOTH sides accountable for their public statements. I saw the Kerry interview, (I dozed off at times, he's boring) and I agreed with a lot he said.
The things missing in this current debate, as well as most debates on the Iraq War issue are:
1. Few in this debate recognize the concepts of truisms or universality when it comes to diplomacy.
2. Most immediately take a partisan side and fail to see any merit in an opposing view.
3. Name calling and parroted talking points replace research, fact and comprehention.
4. It is American to disagree, both with your government or individuals, if you think they're wrong.
5. Voicing of opposition to the gov't doesn't make me "unAmerican". Saying I should leave the country because of it, is.

I'll conclude with point number 1, but I have to preface even that. America should NOT sit idly by and allow itself to be attacked for any reason. Period. We retain the right of self-protection, regardless of the provocation. ( or lack of it) Having said that, if our aim is to combat terrorism around the world by punishing and attacking nations that harbor and aid terrorist organizations and individuals, would Chile, Haiti, Sudan, Saudi Arabia or Honduras be justified in attempting to occupy Washington DC because we wont extradite individuals who commited terrorist acts in THEIR countries? THAT is the concept of universality. All things apply to everyone equally. THEY don't HATE us because of our western way of life. They hate that our government has troops on Holy land and that we support the state-sanctioned terror of Israel against Palestine.
I support our troops by sending them things I know they need. I spend my own money, which helps the economy. I also want the safe return of my brothers in arms. If all you do to support the troops is repeat Republican rhetoric and brand ANY opposition to the government as anti-American, then you do a diservice to the men and women fighting and dying to protect your right to do so.

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Voicing opposition

by jdclyde In reply to WOW!

Saying American soldiers are terrorizing women and children AND violating their religions beliefs is just an "opposing view" of the government?

Turning around and saying this same terrorizing activity should be done by the Iraqis is just an "opposing view"

Where is the "universality" in that?

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by TonytheTiger In reply to WOW!

"4. It is American to disagree, both with your government or individuals, if you think they're wrong."

But one should consider restraint when doing so publicly may give comfort and/or motivation to America's enemies.

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Yes and no

by jdclyde In reply to

It isn't American to disagree, it is American to be ABLE to disagree.

Too many partasians hide behind that little difference and will disagree with any and everything Bush says not because it is wrong, but because that is politics as usual.

You have a RIGHT to be able to disagree but you have a responsiblity to be honest and consider your actions.

Kerry has not down this, and neither have the people that have hijacked the Democratic party. Many Democrats aren't taken seriously because there are so many raving lunitics that make the whole party look like a bunch of wingnuts. Once you compare someone like Bush with someone like Hitler, you have blown any crediblity you would have had otherwise as well as show your complete lack of knowledge of history. Only a "twit" would say such a thing, and only a "twonk" would agree with it. (I think I got those right)

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