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Sense of humour - are there those that lack it?

By neilb@uk ·
This is a serious question aimed at adults.

Following the thread started by Gadget that informed us of the new "Spam Killer" button, I posted a (very obviously) spoof "Ethiopian with money" thread. I did think that using my own login name might - just - give the game away.

Of course, it went the way of all such threads with The Usual Suspects chipping in with some appropriate responses. When I left work for an evening out, it was at about thirty posts and had taken on the life of its own that characterises a good "Miscellaneous" thread. I left it at the point that Maxwell posted some Beatles lyrics and was interested on my return in seeing where it had traveled without me...

Ok, so a couple of my posts were a little risque but they were, in my opinion, aimed pretty directly. They were aimed at someone who very recently started a suggestive thread of his own and chided those peers who chose not to take his comments in the manner that he believed that they should. They were also aimed at someone who I thought would see the joke. They were FUNNY.

My question is: "Why was the thread pulled?". Maybe, I have to ask "Where did the thread move on to that warranted it being pulled?" as it is a possibility that it went somewhere way beyond where I left it.

Even so, itt was only a bit of fun. I'm just asking. The thread was pulled and yet it so wasn't spam. So - what was it? It is, you know, only words on a screen. No one is hurt. no one dies. Are there boundaries that we shouldn't cross here? Are there moral and societal taboos that we cannot poke a stick into, here? Ok, if there are, then lets have a list and if I don't like it I'll push off elsewhere.


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It looks as if it has been pulled.

by w2ktechman In reply to Sense of humour - are the ...

Someone probably read the first few sentances, and wanted to test the new spam button (to keep JD from being the first).

Anyway, it was quite funny, I agree. When I first started reading it I thought that you were posting something that someone had sent to you, but then I caught on.
twas a good thread in my opinion, and GG sounded like she was really enjoying it as well.
Too bad, maybe there is no room for the BS threads anymore........

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Insult to confused injury

by jdclyde In reply to Sense of humour - are the ...

is the fact that I have no idea what your talking about, and missed the whole dang party.

We HAVE had hacker requests that stayed up for weeks, yet a humor piece gets pulled before I even see it?

Is there a new sheriff in town, with an attitude?

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by Jaqui In reply to Sense of humour - are the ...

I just got back and hadn't even noticed it missing before reading this one, I last saw it at about the same state as you neil.

I thought your pointed jabs a people were maybe a bit to direct, butunless those so jabbed complained I doubt that those posts caused the dissapearance of the thread.

ahh, hold it, sending underaged daughters to someone... that could be read as promoting pedophilia. could be why in that one post.

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I never saw it

by Tig2 In reply to Sense of humour - are the ...

But recall the incredibly poor taste of the original. Neil- I can see how you put that whole game in a humourous new light.

It would be my personal guess that the "rose of Australia" who has no problem with posting his own brand of BS, likely took offence. To this I say, "Good". But bad that a humour thread was pulled because of his puerile disposition.

Back in the good old days, a Misc thread had to contain some pretty serious doo-doo to get pulled. This incident makes me wonder if my odd (shhh) Breast Cancer Awareness threads are likely to suffer the same fate.

Or did the Rose of Australia become the PTB when we weren't looking???

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We was robbed!

by maxwell edison In reply to Sense of humour - are the ...

I must admit, I didn't read the whole thread, but it was really pulled? Why?

My guess is this. Somebody took it as serious, and really thought you were asking for money. And perhaps the TR person who first saw it, didn't recognize the OBVIOUS satire. (They probably don't like Saturday Night Live either!)

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I hate when that happens

by NickNielsen In reply to Sense of humour - are the ...

A good thread gets started, then pulled, while I'm somewhere between Myrtle Beach and the rest of the world.

I'll probably be iced in in the morning; maybe I'll even have power! Start it again, Niel.

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I missed the thread....

by onbliss In reply to Sense of humour - are the ...

... your thread, but did read the "original" thread. I am not a regular visitor to TR these days. My unsolicited comments are hence general to the subject of humor and sentiments, and not related to what is admissible or not at TR, and nor related to your thread.

Your title seems to suggest that there can be only two sets of people: one with a sense of humor and one without. My opinion is that it is lot more complicated: timing of the joke, sensitivity, culture, personal animosity, frame of mind - are some of the factors, that I can think right now, that will impact how the humor is taken.

To many the cartoons of Mohammed were funny, and to others it was blasphemous. It is so said the pen is mightier than the sword. Words convey thoughts, and be it on the screen or on paper, they can hurt.

The person making the joke, sometimes, misses the angle from which the "target person" views or perceives the joke.

The onus rests on the shoulders of the comedian :-) Sometimes the humor backfires, and the comedian with a sense of humor would probably consider it as part of the game [this remark directed at you :-)]

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by Steffi28 In reply to Sense of humour - are the ...

I was looking forward to reading the rest of that thread today to see where it had gone when I went home. As far as I seen there was definitely nothing there for it to get pulled. Unless of course someone reported it as spam and it wasnt read properly by TR??

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Shoe on other foot?

by gadgetgirl In reply to Sense of humour - are the ...

Babz, the first thing I thought of when I saw the thread had been pulled was:

The PTB do have a sense of humour!

They saw it for what it was - a mock test of the spam killer button. Someone obviously hit the button, and the PTB played along with the game.

And pulled the thread, as requested.

Now, I agree with you that pulling that thread was a damn shame, because one of your posts in there, IMHO, was an absolute classic. A distinct 3-pack of wipes special. (or so my monitor and keyboard tell me.....)

But Mae has already posted that she has a hard copy, so you are still preserved for posterity, babz!

Yes, it was only a bit of fun - but don't you think you have misconstrued the pulling of the thread for spam/inappropriate reasons, rather than for the show of humour from the PTB?

It would be interesting to learn, however, who actually pushed the button (DE)

And no, it wasn't me. I did test it on your thread, but as it asked if I was sure, as the operation couldn't be undone, I didn't. Jd missed the thread in its' entirety, so it wasn't him adding another first to his list. ( :-) ) There is a culprit out there, but I doubt we'll ever find out who.

And Neil, love, don't forget - you can always start another one! (let me know - I need to order a new monitor shield...! )


Edit: scrambled macros for brekkie again....

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That's why I asked

by neilb@uk In reply to Shoe on other foot?

I was a bit miffed last night as the thread was going nicely when I finished for the day and, as I was going over to see some friends, I wasn't planning to see what else had been added until late on and that's when I found the thread gone.

My thread-starter was a bit grumpy, I admit, and I posted it after a couple of beers but I still want to know who and why. If you're right and TRPTB went along with the joke then no harm done. If it was pulled because it went a bit OTT then that's OK, too, although there has been worse. If it got pulled because a certain Aussie objected then that isn't OK although I would reckon that NOT to be the case. at least, I hope so.

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