Serious help with Windows XP Install!!!!???

By james.doro ·
Okay here it goes. Recently I got hit with an annoying piece of software named "Antivirus 2008 XP" It bombards you with pop ups, system errors, informs you that you have over 2,000+ viruses (yeah right) and hijacks the web browser. The first time I had this I used a free program called SmitFraudFix and it cleared it right up. That was a different version of AP2008XP this one doesn't completely go away after using SmitFraud, but it did minimize most of the annoyance/damage. I have everything backed up so I figured what the **** and I would just reinstall Windows XP with the CD and have a new copy of XP and be done with it all. Now here is the problem

Somehow my keyboard is not activated or no longer works during the system boot up. After the E-machines logo screen it says "To boot from CD press any key now" and it gives me 10 seconds before moving on. My numlock light is on and it appears the keyboard is working, except no matter what I press it doesn't register and I can't boot from the CD. Same thing goes with trying to start up in safemode. I can't push F8 to get it going and whenever I have seen a screen that asks how I want to start Windows up with it doesn't let me scroll down the list, select, and hit enter. I can't do anything! This sucks royally!

Also for no reason now everytime I start windows it asks if I want to start up using Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or default (windows). Again it gives me the option of scrolling through the list, but with a keyboard that doesn't work I cant do jack. Inevitably it selects the default which is my Windows XP HE, so I don't really know how that crap started up out of the blue, but whatever. I have tried to start up in safemode by opening MSCONFIG selecting BOOT.INI tab and hitting /Safeboot but even that doesn't seem or act like the typical safemode I'm used to.

I guess I am wondering how can I get the keyboard to activate so I can actually press any key and boot from the CD? If I can't then is there a way to force it to boot from a CD without pressing anything? I hope this is fixable!

Thanks a million!

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Regarding your original problem. AntiVirus200x

by 1bn0 In reply to Serious help with Windows ...

I haven't had to use it but I keep seeing it recommended as a reliable solution to AntiVirus 200X

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win 2008 antiv is a spyware

by angelor_starcomcafe In reply to Serious help with Windows ...

win 98 antiv is a spyware bro. you can remove that using a reliable spyware remover, but u cant use keyboard ayt>? u can use usb keyboard so that youre be able to remove those thing or you can also back up your files then format it up :)) spywares have rootkits the virus continue reproduce and duplicates causing your pc slow

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USB keyboard = more of the same!

by james.doro In reply to win 2008 antiv is a spywa ...

Okay. First off I do know that Antivirus 2008 is an annoying pos spyware program. I guess it has been hitting the web pretty hard as their are a lot of people that have had this thing. The first time I had this thing I used a freeware program called SmitFraudFix to get rid of it. I had to start my computer up in safemode to get it to clean it all up. The main thing SmitFraud would do is check the windows wininet.dll file to see if it was infrected. I guess that is the main file the spyware would go after. Now that was Antivirus 2008 pro this time around I have Antivrus 2008 XP. I don't know if does something different or trys to infect a different .dll file, but SmitFraudFix won't FIX it! Sucky! Now it does say I have to be in safemode, (which is quite difficult since I can't get in there using my keyboard at startup) I used MSCONFIG and manually told it to boot in safe mode, but it doesn't seem like the normal safemode im used to seeing. So when I tried to run SmitFraud in what I think was safemode it said it couldn't access a bunch of files or processes because they couldn't be found or they are in use by a diff program. So I tried to get rid of this manually and think I have, but here is the real kicker.

Before removing the first Antivirus 2008 I couldn't use my keyboard to access my XP cd. Right after I officially completely removed AV2008PRO with SmitFraud BINGO I could use the keyboard and boot from the CD. (I'm so pissed I didn't just reinstall XP when I had the chance! AHH!) So here is what I am thinking. I am almost convinced that something to do with Antivirus 2008 XP is preventing me from accessing my keyboard and being able to boot. I couldn't before it was totally gone, and even though I think its gone, it must not be because I can't boot even with two different keyboards! Is there any truth to this? Could a virus honestly prevent me from using a keyboard before windows loads? I know it doesn't seem like it could, but I really wonder.

So I have tried the USB keyboard and nothing. Now I thought I heard someone say that I should buy an adapter so I can have the USB turn back into a PS2 port correct? Now what am I going to do if even that doesn't work? lol I hope it doesn't get to that!

Well let me know what is going on. I really really appreciate the help! Thanks a million everyone :-)

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Not Caused by Win Antivir 2008

by willcomp In reply to Serious help with Windows ...

Keyboard failure during boot process is NOT related to Win Antivir 2008. It is adware/spyware and does not contain a BIOS infector. I've removed it and similar iterations a number of times. Malware Bytes AntiMalware is an effective and easy to use removal tool. Also does a good job with many other nasties.

To recap:

Did you enable Legacy USB support or USB keyboard support in BIOS? Those settings may not be present, but must be enabled if present.

Have you tried resetting CMOS? Most motherboards have a jumper to clear CMOS. Place jumper on pins 2 and 3 with PC turned off and replace on pins 1 and 2 before turning PC on. If you can't find jumper, remove CMOS battery (coin cell) for a few minutes and replace -- once again with PC turned off.

When you unplugged and replugged PS/2 keyboard, was PC turned off? PS/2 keyboards and mice are not hot pluggable.

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Finally my PC Specs for you guys!

by james.doro In reply to Serious help with Windows ...

Okay here it is!

I have an E-machines T3256 PC. It has the following:

AMD Athlon XP 3200+ Processor
NVIDIA nForce 2 chipset
160G HD

Sound and video cards are both NVIDIA GeForce's

I guess I can't see anything that says what type of motherboard it is. Hope this is some information to help anyone!

I am going to try to find a user manual out there and see what I can find. Thanks a lot guys!


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See how you go with this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Finally my PC Specs for y ...

The CMOS RAM is powered by the onboard button cell battery. To clear the
RTC data: <br>(1) Turn off your computer <br>(2) Place the jumper cap onto the pinpair
2-3 at least 6 seconds to enable CMOS clearance <br>(3) Place the jumper cap onto
the pinpair 1-2 to disable the effect of CMOS clearance <br>(4) Turn on your computer
until CMOS checksum error appears <br>(5) Hold down the Delete key when
boots <br>(6) Enter the BIOS Setup to re-enter user preferences.
The Clear CMOS jumper is right next to the battery which will be at the front and to the left on the Motherboard. Ground yourself by placing the back of your hand on the Power Supply Unit and not moving your feet. By not taking this precaution it is possible that you could inadvertantly cause damage to the PC from an electrostatic discharge.
< to add br> You may need a magnifying glass to read the writing on the board or a penlight.<br>
<i>Keep us informed as to your progress if you require further assistance.</i>
<font size="1"><i>If you think that any of the posts that have been made by all TR Members, have solved or contributed to solving the problem, please Mark them as <b>Helpful</b> so that others may benefit from the outcome. </i></font>

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Something you should do

by Tearat In reply to Finally my PC Specs for y ...

Is turn off the mains power at the wall socket when ever you work inside your pc
Some power supplies have a switch on the back that you can use instead

The standby power supply circuit can still be active when the power light is off on the front of the computer

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FIXED FINALLY!!!! :-) But new problem :-(

by james.doro In reply to Something you should do

Okay I finally got my stupid keyboard to work!

I was browsing around the e-machines site and saw a link for "live chat" with a tech, so I figured what the ****.

I told him what was up and he had said he suspected a motherboard failure. I was like BS what are you talking about? He told me I needed to bring it in and have someone open it up and look at it (yeah right). I asked if there was ANYTHING possible I could do? He told me I should try to reseat the memory.

BINGO! I opened up the PC, reseated both 512RAM sticks and just like it should the keyboard worked! I was able to access the boot cd and reinstall XP!

Thanks for all of your help guys. This was a great experience. I will be sure to come back to this site for more assistance in the future and speak of the devil I do need a bit more help lol.

So I have a fresh copy of XP on. Brand new reformated HD completely a fresh start just like I wanted. Now I have run into an even BIGGER problem.

I use Qwest High Speed DSL as my ISP. I have their advanced networking modem. Now when I insert my Qwest QuickConnect Install CD it runs through the setup. When it got to the part of finding my modem and internet connections it couldn't find anything. It would try and try, but it would not and could not PING I had the Windows Firewall turned off. The freaking modem is on the damn ethernet light blinks as well as the DSL/Internet lights. It totally looks like its working.

This is the stock ethernet port I am using on my computer. It is not an aftermarket ethernet card I put it or anything. I checked the device manager, but I cant find anything that is an ethernet port. The only thing I can find is "Ethernet Controller" It has a yellow question mark on it. I check it out and it has no drivers. I would have thought that this would be working since this is part of the motherboard. Is this what I need to get working the "Ethernet Controller" If so should I search for some drivers and burn em to CD and install on my PC?

Thanks again guys you are miracles! :-)

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Do you still have

by Jacky Howe In reply to FIXED FINALLY!!!! :-) But ...

the Motherboard CD as you will find the drivers that you need are on there.<br> If you haven't got access to the CD try this.<br>
Download CPU-Z and extract it to a folder. <br>Run cpuz.exe and click on About and under Tools you will see Registers Dump (.txt) click on it and save the file. <br>Post the <b>Mainboard Model</b> for us to see what you are running.
<i>Keep us informed as to your progress if you require further assistance.</i>
<font size="1"><i>If you think that any of the posts that have been made by all TR Members, have solved or contributed to solving the problem, please Mark them as <b>Helpful</b> so that others may benefit from the outcome. </i></font>

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All good!

by james.doro In reply to Do you still have

Were all good now. I found a site that told me what drivers I needed. It was a site that had all of the e-machine drivers for every e-machine PC in the last decade or so. Pretty nice site! Pretty lame that e-machines official site doesn't have any support like that for their users. Oh well!

I got all of my drivers now so everything is great! Runs like new :-)

Thanks again for all of your help guys. You are the best!!!

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