Serious help with Windows XP Install!!!!???

By james.doro ·
Okay here it goes. Recently I got hit with an annoying piece of software named "Antivirus 2008 XP" It bombards you with pop ups, system errors, informs you that you have over 2,000+ viruses (yeah right) and hijacks the web browser. The first time I had this I used a free program called SmitFraudFix and it cleared it right up. That was a different version of AP2008XP this one doesn't completely go away after using SmitFraud, but it did minimize most of the annoyance/damage. I have everything backed up so I figured what the **** and I would just reinstall Windows XP with the CD and have a new copy of XP and be done with it all. Now here is the problem

Somehow my keyboard is not activated or no longer works during the system boot up. After the E-machines logo screen it says "To boot from CD press any key now" and it gives me 10 seconds before moving on. My numlock light is on and it appears the keyboard is working, except no matter what I press it doesn't register and I can't boot from the CD. Same thing goes with trying to start up in safemode. I can't push F8 to get it going and whenever I have seen a screen that asks how I want to start Windows up with it doesn't let me scroll down the list, select, and hit enter. I can't do anything! This sucks royally!

Also for no reason now everytime I start windows it asks if I want to start up using Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or default (windows). Again it gives me the option of scrolling through the list, but with a keyboard that doesn't work I cant do jack. Inevitably it selects the default which is my Windows XP HE, so I don't really know how that crap started up out of the blue, but whatever. I have tried to start up in safemode by opening MSCONFIG selecting BOOT.INI tab and hitting /Safeboot but even that doesn't seem or act like the typical safemode I'm used to.

I guess I am wondering how can I get the keyboard to activate so I can actually press any key and boot from the CD? If I can't then is there a way to force it to boot from a CD without pressing anything? I hope this is fixable!

Thanks a million!

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