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Seriously Microsoft!!?? 5 Versions of 7!???

By jmgarvin ·

I mean honestly, this is just out of hand and look at the price points!!?? What is MS trying to do?

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agree with poster 16

by setantapc In reply to Back to square one...

When you can get Ultimate plus 2 shrimp skewers for 1.38$$ in the local market it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to purchase a crippled craptastic "legal" version for hundreds does it ??

Now I'm not condoning piracy but people tend to overlook things when the economy is tight and every cent counts.

This site, Slashdot and others have been saying for years WHY is Microsoft charging dearly for an OS that is seemingly living on about a 4 year life cycle ?

I'd love to set up a spanky PC for my dad but I'm not sure he wants to spend 350$$ every 4 years to "stay current".

I'm typing this missive on a sytem running Knoppix 5.3 Live Boot .... let's see if Bill would ever have the canakas to sell an OS that you could carry around and boot anywhere ... he may offer it but it would be 7 thousand dollars .. LOL

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