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Server 2003 - File Sharing Locking Up

By neospec ·
Over the past couple of weeks; I have had a terrible thing happen. File sharing (it seems only to affect this) will lock up. For ex: once the problems occurs, if you open an excel file on the main server, and try to save, it will hang for 3-4 minutes no matter what.

I am running a AD environment; and this is happening on my PDC for Server 2003 R1 SP2.

I did notice this though. I am receiving the following error in the event log EVERYTIME I have this problem:

"A duplicate name has been detected on the TCP network. The IP address of the machine that sent the message is in the data. Use nbtstat -n in a command window to see which name is in the Conflict state.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at"

I use the nbtstat -n and get nothing. I do have 2 NIC's active on the network for this box. They are both registered in DNS and WINS. On NIC is for filesharing, and the other NIC is for Applications.

Any ideas? Basically, the only way to fix this problem is to restart. I have tried to kill every service known to man but nothing!

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by paull In reply to Server 2003 - File Sharin ...

Just a suggestion, but wouldnt it be better to load balance the two NIC's to one I.P rather than have separate I.P 's on the same network. this seems where your system is falling over. I doubt you would be having the issue in this type of setup.

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I have

by Dumphrey In reply to suggestion

to agree here, especially if both nics are in the same subnet. You can test to see if the 2nd nic is the problem by turning one off and seeing if you continue to get the error. My feeling is that having only one nic will fix the problem. Another option is to create a second subnet for the other nic, a new vlan for the subnet, and let the router handle the traffic back and forth.

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DHCP is Assigning an IP already one the network.

by JHMonoflo In reply to suggestion

Check to make sur ethat if you have static IPs assigned to anything on your network, that those IPs are Excluded from the assignment pool in your DHCP server. This of course only applies if you have a DHCP server running.

Also, make sure you don't have rogue machines on your network with manually assigned IP addresses.

Hope this helps.

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just a thought

by sean.haynes In reply to DHCP is Assigning an IP a ...

firstly I would agree, load balance and team the NICS, far more efficient and provides failover.
~There are a number of things that could cause this issue from not reserving addresses in DHCP and assigning statics to buggy management software, dual dhcp, DNS scaveging errors.......
Work with teaming first and reconfigure the applications accordingly, also might be worth checking WINS if you are using it.

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Try it

by In reply to just a thought

I think there are some IP address conflicting in your network. Check whether any duplicate IP address assigned or not. If you are running DHCP Server, then also check for any conflicting cause DHCP randomly assign IP addresses.

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reserve your ip address if dhcp confilcts excists

by learoy.ellismoore In reply to Try it

Do you have any staic ip address? if so do they appear in the dhcp range? another thing to check for and if you want to have clients or server with static ip address from within the dhcp range you will need to reserve the ip address from that range in you dhcp server options.

e.g. dhcp ip range -

reserve dhcp ip address -

meaning avalibale ip address for clients 192.168.101 -

no ip conflicts, accept if you statically configure the 100 reserved ip address on mulitple computers.

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