Server 2003 network shares slow under XP

By scott ·
We are converting our network over from Novel to Windows 2003 and have come up with a problem when it comes to the network shares.

When you open a network folder from a XP workstation, either using the name (//server/folder) or a mapped drive, there is a 15-20 second delay. This only occurs the first time you open the share, or if it has been more than 15 minutes since the last time you access it.

It is not a server or network load problem, we planned for extensive expansion and have never reached 10% of the systems capacity.

We still have our old Novel server on the network (don't want to move the user files until this access problem is solved), and if you browse the novel drives their contents come up immediately.

It does not look like a server-side problem as the Win2K clients that are still on the network can access the server 2003 shares immediately.

I have tried several of the solutions I have been able to locate so far, including:
Turning off the Computer Browser on the XP Workstations
Clearing out My Network Places
Disabling the SMB OpLocks (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MRxSmb\Parameters)
Removing the Scheduled Tasks check on remote access (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RemoteComputer\NameSpace)

I'm kinda at the end of my rope here...

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I have the same problems

by sivadba2006 In reply to I have the same scenario. ...

I am also searching solutions for this kind of problems. I have win 2003 Enterprises. as per my experiement, this is not with Server. Because this is only problem of XP Prof.edition. Now only i linked with server, but i facing this problem before the setup of server. Hope that this is not Server Issue.. this is CLEAR bugs of XP Prof., if anyone got solutions please share with me also.

Siva Kumar

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What version of Netware are you running? I'm CNE, MCSA & done conversions

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Server 2003 network share ...

Also, it could that the Netware client on the XP machine is causing the problem if it's still installed. Try a machine without the Netware client and see if you have the same problem mapping a drive.

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by rvann In reply to What version of Netware a ...

We are running Netware 6.5 and our file servers are a mix of Windows 2003 Standard and Enterprise. I don't beleive we forward IPX across subnets, it's all TCP/IP.

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You shouldn't be running IPX on 6.5 unless you installed it

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Info

Try uninstalling the Netware client as I suggested and see if the problem persists. Also, make sure your DNS settings on the XP machine are set correctly to point to your domain controllers, which should have AD integrated DNS roles.

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Same problem with Win2003 svr, but no Novell svr

by dvanderbilt In reply to You shouldn't be running ...

I'm having the same problem with our Windows 2003 Server (running SP2), but we don't have a Novell server on our network. It is slow to access network shares with at least 20 second delay upon trying to open folder or file in a network share. If you've opened a folder in the last few minutes, it comes right up without delay when you open again. Also tried opening with IP address instead of using server name and got the same delay. It just started doing this over the last 2-3 days.

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Slow Save but - Save As is fine

by vic In reply to Same problem with Win2003 ...

I just added a 2003 file server and the problem I have is even stranger. Files open and copy speeds are fine but save is slow. Certain applications such as Ventura MAS90 are slow

I have a Ventura file and when I open and then save it to the network share it is extremely slow 3 minutes. To copy the same file back and forth is about 5 seconds. Strangely enough as last experiment I did a File Save As and it was done in 10 seconds.

I have removed IPX from the XP machine - mapped the shared drive using the servers IP (bypass DNS). Added removed and added Active directory on this server - no help

The server is running 2003 SP2 Client XP Pro. The server is running 4 SAS drives in RAID 10. All I did was replace an 8 year old NT 4 server which worked fine but hardware was falling apart. The rest of the network is 2003 with a PDC

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Meet the microsoft knowlege base and the event viewer

by sgt_shultz In reply to What version of Netware a ...

guys there are plenty of known issues that can cause this problem. i haven't read all your comments. here are mine:
update windows server and client to latest service pack and windows updates.
look in the event viewer on the server and the client demonstrating the problem
try it in safe mode with networking
search some suggested keywords 'slow save network'

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Give this a shot

by Midspeck In reply to Server 2003 network share ...

Hello, I saw a similar problem once when running in a mixed Samba/NetWare/Windows environment. Although the problem showed up on the Samba machines rather than the NetWare shares.

We actually had a problem with the first access to -any- file. Not just getting connected to the shares.

Here's what fixed it for us and I'm curious if it'll work for you:
Control Panel | Network Connections | Advanced | Advanced Settings... | Provider Order
We made sure the the Microsoft Windows Network was listed first (above the Netware stuff). Netware didn't really seem to care about this -- it still functioned at full speed, but it let us access our files more quickly.

Hopefully this works for someone out there.

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Check the Novell Client Advanced settings

by sda970 In reply to Server 2003 network share ...

Be careful playing with the Provider Order as it is a good way to Blue Screen if you have other things here such as modules for Cisco Wireless etc.

Anyway, check out the following settings in the Advanced Tab in Novell client.

"Names Resolution Timeout"
"Wait before giving up on DA"

From memory these are set highish, 10 seconds or so by default but it could be higher.

Drop them down to 1 second for a test and in my case I saw an immediate change.

I think it is the "Wait before giving up on DA" that changes things here with the delay on opening a Windows share so try that one first.

Of course....test test test :)

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my email is

by indran In reply to Server 2003 network share ...

I'm running Small business server.. I use Telnet connecting to my Ip.Address but if I leave telnet unattended when i go back to use it it has a delay before working

Pls Try to Help

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