Server 2003 password protected

By Mikki40 ·

My question - I have a server box 2003 if I were to remove the drive put it into a regular winxp box as a slave even though the drive is password protected could I copy the server drive to the boot drive on the winxp box as long as I didn't care about the boot files? Is there any password security that would prevent this from happening.

My thinking is there should be some type of feature built into the server drive which should prevent this even though it is set up as a slave?

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You're sure to have conflicts...

by dawgit In reply to Server 2003 password prot ...

Since they are both OSs of a sort, trying to put them together will pretty much ruin both. Do you want to use the box as a dual boot machine? You didn't say. But trying to merge two OSs, is like making a sandwich with soup. Way too messy. -d

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Simple answer is

by OH Smeg In reply to Server 2003 password prot ...

Yes you can clone the drive to the second Box or whatever without the drive running the OS.

But after you clone the drive the same passwords will be there and do the same thing as they do now.

If you just copy the drive to the Root of the XP Drive it will trash the XP Install if you actually can copy it from a working OS and when you try to Boot it should BSOD out with incompatible Drivers for the new computer that it finds itself in.

If you want to setup a Dual Boot Setup you need to install either 2003 Server to the XP Box or XP to the Server Box into a different Partition to the Base OS that is already there which ever way you go.


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copy protection

by Mikki40 In reply to Simple answer is

I'm not so much looking at the booting process as I am the security of our data. My thought here is if someone was to get into my office and take my server 2003 drive out of my server box - then take it to an old XP box could they copy my data files even though the drive was password protected if it was back in the server box? In my mind I'm believe it can be done this way and that is what bothers me.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Server 2003 password prot ...

though it is password protected doesn't make it secure. There is an article on this if you follow the link. XP and Win2k3 OS's are not the same.
In theory it should be locked and you shouldn't have access.

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