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Server Anti-Virus Software?????

By brentc76 ·
Hello all, I have installed Server on my hard drive for school. I am having a problem trying to find an anti-virus software for a "Server". I have tried to put McAfee, and Norton on the Server, only to reject the installation due to it being a server. I have tried to use MicroTrend's Server Protect. But for a classroom environment I need something that is a little more user friendly for the "not - so - average" user. What Server Antivirus software Programs are recommended? If anyone can help I would appreciate it greatly.

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Server Anti-Virus Software

by mahesh In reply to Server Anti-Virus Softwar ...

You can use Mcafee AVS Ent version 7.1 or latest 8i,which works on both server and desktops.

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by jdclyde In reply to Server Anti-Virus Softwar ...

Not from my past personal experience.

Sure you can install it and it will show up as a process running on your system, but that doesn't mean it "works".

Had this product and couldn't wait for the year to end. Many systems would lock up during bootup. Would have to POWER OFF and retry up to three times before the system would boot up.

Then when a virus would hit (Sircam) it would detect the virus and show where it removed a bunch of files. After that the system would run real poorly. I would have to uninstall the McAfee and install my personal copy of Norton to clean off the rest of the virus. Then uninstall the Norton and reinstall the McAfee to stay legal.

The McAfee would make the systems so flakey that users would uninstall the package (and it would let them). They would just reinstall it when they wanted to access the internet because the firewall would not let them out without the AV client running.

Then there are all the utilites you had to download from McAfee to uninstall the AV after you uninstall the AV.

Never again. Not even if they came on the systems free.

I now use Symantec Enterprise ver 9. Love it and have been on it for three years now. Now that they started to detect and remove spyware, they are even better.

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by martin.garcia7 In reply to Server Anti-Virus Softwar ...

I would suggest trying Symantec Corporate Edition 9.x to run on a server environment!

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Server Anti-Virus Software?????

by oichie2004 In reply to Server Anti-Virus Softwar ...

I use Sophos on servers and workstations. Like all AV software it has its failings, but it has many advantages. My organisation has 8 remote sites, some with servers, some without. The clients either update from a local server or from another site accross our VPN. All machines can be access via the management console. for more info.

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NOD 32

by hozerdem In reply to Server Anti-Virus Softwar ...

I reccomend usage of NOD 32.

I had the same problems with you with especially Norton Antivirus. But the services that it starts, the spreading over the registry, the bugs it starts with the system, the ineffectiveness on the viruses (also low source viruses and misc. things like that as keyloggers and so on) I have to say that I have no money to give to this software.

NOD 32 is reliable, very fast and deeply scanning software. Although it seems a little bad it has the most exciting results on every test you can make on an antivirus software.

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Here is what I have use

by jmkornegay In reply to Server Anti-Virus Softwar ...

Symantec Corporate Edition it is installed on NT Servers and Client workstations and can be configured to centraly manage clients. Pretty cool.

McAfee does make a Server version I have used it in the past it is their business edition I believe cant rember the name for sure. Sorry.

There are several others out there good luck

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