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Server PC collapses network...

By cyberghost_1 ·
This is my problem, last week I lost Internet connection to my 6 PC network. 5 User PC's and 1 Server PC all running XP PRO. Here is the setup: 512Mbps Cable Modem-->4 port Netgear Router(RP614v2)-->8 port 3Net Switch-->all PC's including Server PC. Since I lost the Web connection I had to connect the Server PC via a 56k Modem with a backup ISP. I disconnected the Server PC from the Network. When I got the Cable ISP back up and running I connected the Server PC back to the network and disconnected it from the 56k connection. I set the config back to LAN and everything seemed fine for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes all PC's lost Internet connection and couldn't access the Server PC to print, access programs that run from the Server. The User PC's are the clients for 2 Programs that are installed on the Server. The Server PC can see and connect to the other PC's, but the other PC's can only see the Server. They can't print to it, connect to the Shared Folders, C:, ANYTHING !! I get an Access Denied unable to connect message when I try to print or connect to the Server PC. The client PC's can't acces the program database on the Server either. The weirdest thing is that when the Server PC get connected to the Switch, all other PC's LOSE IP's AND CONNECTIVITY TO THE WEB. As soon as I disconnect the cable from the switch and reboot the PC's the user PC's get back the Web connection and can connect amoungst themselves like normal. Then I reconnect the Server PC and the Network collapses completely. No Internet, or network. So I tried taking the Router out of the picture and used another Switch. All PC's and Server PC get Internet, BUT THE SERVER PC IS STILL INACCESSABLE...NO PRINTERS, NO CONNECTION TO THE DATABASES ON THE SERVER. Just like before except that with 2 switches I have internet only. I checked the Workgroup, LAN settings, ect....with no success.

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by CG IT In reply to Server PC collapses netwo ...

For the problem of Access Denied when trying to access shared resource on the XP Pro box, if this is a "WorkGroup" sounds like the "Workgroup" membership got lost. Without that membership and all user accounts on all members within that specific "workgroup", access will be denied. You can allow "Access this computer from the Network" in the local machine security policy/user rights assignment".

For the XP Pro box "server" problem, the problem you describe is similar to a problem seen with small office setup running the ICS wizard and in addition, having a router to share the internet connection. What the ICS wizard does is setup that box as a router and all LAN traffic is routed through that box [multihomed box]. As soon as you connect it to the LAN all traffic is routed to it but not being a multihomed box [2 NICs] theres no way for traffic to get to the next router [your netgear]. Thats what this problem appears as.

If you can't Ping, theres no connectivity. verify connectivity [hardware swap out cables with known good ones, swap out NIC with a known good one, reinstall drivers] and your TCP/IP settings.

Another problem could be hardware profiles. You might have 1 profile that uses the NIC, one profile for the Dial up. The Dial up profile does not have the hardware drivers and NIC installed to use [we do this on roaming remote user laptops].

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by CG IT In reply to

our laptops are configured with two profiles. one users use while travelling and use dial up, one they use when at the office [LAN ethernet]. If they try to use the dial up while in the office, they get nothing out of the nic, even though WXP will assign a default ip address to the NIC when no DHCP server is available.

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by cyberghost_1 In reply to

you got it right on the money. i had to go and add all user pc?s to ?allow access from network?

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by cyberghost_1 In reply to Server PC collapses netwo ...

How come when I only use switches, I get connectivity to the Internet and the Network. Except to the server pc? Can?t print or access the files/drives...nothing, but it CAN be seen from all PC?s. And Everyone has Internet. Everyone can print to other PC?s on the Network as well as the other user PC?s and any other PC that I connect to the Network have no problem. Only with the Server and it?s printers...NOTE: This is without using the ROUTER...With the ROUTER NO ONE can get Internet, and show some problems with connections amoung themselves....All IP?s get lost aswell.....DNS, DHCP everything goes to or stays with the IP?s but no DNS Host and No Internet.....PLEASE HELP ME ASAP...THANKS AGAIN...

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by cyberghost_1 In reply to Server PC collapses netwo ...

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