Server Speed = Port Speed?

By romaneagle ·
Trying to figure something out here:

If I have a server that has 1 Gig/s Ethernet capabilities... and, for the sake of this argument, say it's on a 1 Gig/s internet connection... would this server then be able to serve 1 Gig/s to the internet???

Is there a port switch or router that would limit its bandwidth performance? If so, what is this hardware called? (I suspect I'm missing a piece or two of the puzzle.)

I've been racking my head on this for several days now and I'm going crazy. I would appreciate any advice on sorting these semantics out so I can optimize my server's data transfer rate capabilities.


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Internet speed

by Joanne Lowery In reply to Server Speed = Port Speed ...

Is this question for real? To get 1Gb internet access would cost$$$. However, if you really are concerned about reducing the output speed of your connection to the Internet then install a second NIC into your PC (say a 100Mb NIC). When you configure the NIC settings you could force down the NIC speed to 10Mb half duplex. Route your traffic through this NIC and you would send traffic onto the net at 10Mb max.
If you are hosting a web page then set your Web engine speed to suit what you want the pages served at. Throttle your output!
Of course, you are going to install protocol security of some sort aren't you?

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For Reals!

by romaneagle In reply to Internet speed

Yeppers. This question is for real. In the age of streaming media, bandwidth adds up quickly.

I'm not really interested in reducing output speed at this point. I want to give the best user experience for everyone.


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In theory, yes.

by apotheon In reply to Server Speed = Port Speed ...

If you have a 1Gb/s Internet connection, you could in theory send up to 1Gb/s out from your server. Of course, that's not taking into account the incoming traffic -- usually you have to split your bandwidth between incoming and outgoing traffic (aka, Rx and Tx). You won't have a 1Gb/s Internet connection for quite some time, though, I'm sure. The cost of such a huge effin' fiber optic pipe would be prohibitive, to say the least.

If you want to set up a router that can control how much bandwidth is allowed to specific types of traffic, you need a system that provides QoS management. I've written an article recently for TechRepublic called Using pf and ALTQ for QoS management on the subject, specifically about using ALTQ for QoS management with the pf firewall. You might want to have a look.

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1GB internet?

by david.wallis In reply to In theory, yes.

send some my way

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by romaneagle In reply to In theory, yes.

Thanks, apotheon. I will check out your article.

Indeed, I won't be hooked up to a 1 Gig pipe for a while, but that's the direction we're going and I want to make solid purchasing and setup decisions.


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