Set up External Drive to share on network

By my2222 ·
I've noticed few posts on this subject matter. I am not just not technical enough to understand the answers very well. So I would appreciate if you can answer my question in a format a non-technical person can understand easily.

My setup is:
Linksys router(4 ethernet outlets), modem, three laptops, a printer, and an Iomega External Hard Drive.

To share this external drive with the three laptops on the network.

1. At the moment I am able to connect one laptop at a time to the external hard drive using an USB Type A(computer) and Type B(devices) cable.
2. Router's ethernet outlets are all occupied with the modem, three laptops, and printer.
3. The external hard drive does not have a ethernet outlet any way.

I notice the modem has a USB Type B outlet. Can I use this to connect the external drive for the network use(probably a stupid assumption)?

What device or cable do I need to add this external drive to network? So that all three laptops can use this external hard drive.

Thanks in advance.

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by retro77 In reply to Set up External Drive to ...

Well you can not use the USB interface on the modem to share out the USB drive. The interface on the modem is for people that do not have ethernet and connect directly to the modem via USB.

What you need to do is connect the external hard drive to one of the laptops, probably one that stays put most of the time. Then from that laptop, right click on the drive and choose "Sharing and Security". Click on "Share this folder" and type in a name in the "share name" box.

Note the IP address of this laptop, you'll need it for the next step. This can be found by going to the control panel, networking and right clicking on your network connection and choosing the status option. On the support tab will be your IP address.

Then from the other laptops, go to start, then run, then type in \\ then the IP address of that latop with the drive attached. Example: \\
Click Ok, then you should see your laptop open in an explorer window and you should see the drive name that you gave as an option. You can make a shortcut to this or map it as a drive.

Edit: If you can not see the 1st laptop from the second laptop, you may have to turn off the firewall on both of the laptops.

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Common workgroup name.

by 1bn0 In reply to well

In addition to the sharing instrucitons above.

Set the workgroup name for the three laptops to the same string. Can be anything you want it to be.

The laptops should then recognise each other as part of the same network and appear in "Computers Near Me"

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ethernet adapter

by jasonemmg In reply to Set up External Drive to ...

I am looking to do something similar.

I have a Seagate 500GB external HDD (usb2) that if I can connect it to an open port on my Verizon Fios ActionTec.

I would like to find a usb-to-ethernet adapter if this will work?

Can anyone suggest a brand/model that would get the job done?

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by TobiF In reply to ethernet adapter

jasonemmg: you better open your own question and tell us what you have and what you want to do.

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by jasonemmg In reply to Zombie

I am making a statement regarding the original post/question.

He could look into purchasing a usb-to-ethernet adapter.

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by jasonemmg In reply to Set up External Drive to ...

You cannot connect the USB drive to a USB modem. You must have a USB modem so that port is used to connect the modem to a PC or laptop for use.

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