setting up a network of 3 computers

By cyberjan ·
I have a small office that wants to add a new computer making a total of 3 computers. They want to use / and share excel and word files. Could i set up the new computer as a "server" with all running win xp and in the same wprkgroup? They want to be able to work on the same docs from all the computers but have it lock so only one person could be in the doc at once. Does this happen automatically or would I need to do something special?

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How About NAS?

by TechBro In reply to setting up a network of 3 ...

In this scenario, it would probably be easier to just buy a network hard drive and have them place their shared files there. You would get both shared access and file locking and would avoid any crazy user permissions on the three workstations.

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a server?

by cyberjan In reply to How About NAS?

A "Network drive" meaning inexpensive server, with server software?
server software is super expensive..but I could buy a dell server for $599 with no OS.
Or do you mean just a regular Haard drive that users share?
thanks Jan

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Just a NAS Hard Drive

by TechBro In reply to a server?

My bad for being imprecise!

I was assuming that you are trying to avoid the ongoing management of a full server. What I am talking about is a network attached storage drive where you could define folders and security if required.

Some examples:

Of course, based on the long-term goals, it might just be the time to get a cheap server from Dell (but remember that you'll need W2K3 Server or SBS2003 R2 as well).

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NAS hard drive

by cyberjan In reply to Just a NAS Hard Drive

Thanks for the link..I have not heard of this..It does seem like the perfect solution.
Yes. the servers are cheap but the software makes it un affordable.
I work with a lot of non-profits and I would like to linux as I believe it is free

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research before you linux

by DownRightTired In reply to NAS hard drive

linux is great as long as SOMEONE knows it. If theyre just using it for word processing, email and such its a great idea as you can just install a good distro, and never mess w/ it again. By the way distro is distribution and theres thousands of em, yes many are free (check this link )i like suse, fedora is another popular(same as redhat but free). another good/bad thing depending on how you look at it is the fact that installing software on linux is generally a completely diff process than windows. Theres no such thing as a .exe file. An average user wont just figure it out(the actual installation of the OS is pretty simple though). But if your happy w/ whats on the distro and dont need to do anything terribly complicated its a good idea. I also work for a multi-national non-profit.

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by shellbott In reply to setting up a network of 3 ...

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The caveat

by shardeth-15902278 In reply to setting up a network of 3 ...

What you are describing will work, but the problem you will run ito will be password managment. XP uses a local security databse, that means, the server will have an account for use bob, and bob's pc will have an account for user bob. They have the same userid, but they are in fact different accounts. So long as the password is the same for both, things will work seamlessly. But next time bob's password on his pc expires, the passwords will no longer match and bob wil have problems. To fix this he will have to log in to the 'server' and change that password to match the new one. Depending on your environment (security risk factors, data sensitivity...) you may be okay with passwords that don't change, in which case you shouldn't have a problem

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I agree, but this may not be a SoHo issue

by TechBro In reply to The caveat

I totally agree vis-a-vis password management. However, if this is just a three computer SoHo setup, I'm guessing that is not much of an issue.

If password manaagement is a concern, you should definitely heed shardeth's advice.

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