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Sexual Discrimination in IT?

By Stephy ·
I just read a disturbing thread, actually in fact a slanderous post, the subject of which is a friend of mine who worked extemely hard for the past 6 years and is achieving awesome results in her job as a Sales manager for a well known web host.
You can view the post here:
I for one was kind of hoping this sort of thing went with the dinosaurs and that women were equally respected in the realm of IT.

I have worked as a systems administrator for a number of years now and have always been treated with the respect I afford to others.
Should this sort of attitude still be going on today?
I would value your comments.

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Excellent point.

by Steven78 In reply to i hafta agree with tony o ...

It is important to note that regardless of sex, a person's ability or inability to perform the job should be the main concern when a person is hired, not hired, fired, or not fired. It should not matter how big their "boobs" are, or if they give in to a person's threats. And I am sorry, but I do not see a 5' female at 130 lbs. being able to perform a great deal of lifting without risk of injury to themselves.

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by frankiesmum In reply to Excellent point.

A 5' male at 130 lbs is unlikely to be able to able to perform a great deal of lifting without risk of injury to themselves.
That's where safe lifting techniques come in.

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Sexual Discrimination

by oracle_dba In reply to Sexual Discrimination in ...

This problem is very wide spread. It is wonderful to hear your
views from someone who is not poisioed by this world.
Discrimination of all types is very real in this world. Get around a
little more or just watch the news.

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How is that sexual discrimanation?

by draciron In reply to Sexual Discrimination in ...

The dweeb said stupid things in the article he posted. The lady at the center of his ire is quite pretty. However what has any of this got to do with sexual discrimanation?

What is sounds like to me is the guy got busted by his wife trying to come on to a woman. He then broadcast this all over the world just to furthor illustrate his stupidity. More so his post drips of rejection, meaning not only did he get busted trying, the gal he was busted trying with shut him down.

Sexual discrimanation is when you are given the choice between commiting sexual acts (Which might be as mild as attending a date) or lose job/career opportunity. Random stupidity is not a good thing, nor is it sexual harrassment unless the guy posting that was her boss. This article helps foster the growing opinion that sexual harrasment is cry wolf hysteria with no validity at all. Even if the poster was a co-worker what he said was rude, patently false and unacceptable behavior from a co-worker. NOT sexual harrassment. What he said is no different than if an employee went around spreading false rumors that a male employee wore a pink tutu at night. Slander and gossip is just that and it should not be ok, nor should the right to free speech be blocked even if it is rude and stupid. I suspect an upwelling of support for the lady more than compensated any potential damage and the poster likely lost his job over those comments. If he were her boss then what he said would be grossly negligent and she would have every grounds for sueing him for slander.

Calling this sexual harrassment only hurts industry and hurts women. Men are already gunshy to say hello to a women lest it is construed incorretly and cries of sexual harrasment ring out.

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Sexual Harassment / Discrimination is...

by j2per In reply to How is that sexual discri ...

Sexual harassment is unwelcome advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, when submission to or rejection of this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects a person's employment or education, unreasonably interfered with a person's work or educational performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working or learning environment.

Sexual Harassment is not just about unwanted advances it includes a gambit of acts some of which can be totally unintentional. Being a minority man in this world has givien me the rare insite on this first hand.

So with that being said.. a joke about breasts, penises, or homosexuality if over heard could be considered sexual harassment and should not be taken lightly.

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Sexual Discrimination not Harrassment

by sagittah0207 In reply to How is that sexual discri ...

Sexual Discrimination is not the same as harrassment. When you discriminate based on sex you are passing someone over for a promotion because they are a woman, or not paying them the same salary as a man who does the same job, or not recommending them for highly technical assignments because you lack confidence in their ability because they are a woman. It has nothing to do with holding someone's job over them for sexual favors, or gossiping about their sexuality or making cat calls at them in the hallway. It is basically not qualifying someone to do a job based on gender and it goes on all the time everywhere, not just in the IT industry. I am in the IT industry and I can tell you for fact I don't earn what my male counterparts earn for doing the same job they do. THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION.

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You may get burned if you play with fire...

by PauloXXP In reply to Sexual Discrimination in ...

Stephy, I have worked in IT for more than 15 years, and currently own an IT services firm. There are several issues being touched in this incident, not just Dino-Testosterone. It's great that the sexy lady was able to do a good job in sales, but adding sexual innuendos for marketing is not really what I would call 'best practices'. Using a method like this for finding new clients is bound to hit you back in the face. And I am talking about being hit back by both men and women - men who are irritated about females using sex as a sales pitch, and women who use their minds to accomplish their jobs. what is wrong with telling potential clients what the company can really do, tell the client how they are better than others, etc. Trust me that if I were looking for a company for Hosting Services, I would certainly not consider one in which a 'Bikini Girl' is their main poster. Finally, I do not see 'Sexual Discrimination' playing a part in this - the one with the 'power' here is the lady showing her assets. I would be interested in reading more in this discussion. Paulo.

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Please summarize the issue

by Prefbid II In reply to Sexual Discrimination in ...

I traced the link back, but evidently the issue has expanded greatly and it is quite hard to delve through all of that to find out what we are talking about here. I did not find a picture of Amy.

From what I understand, the issue seems to be one of a person named "Amy" who uses her photo as part of her advertising campaign. By what others have written it would seem that Amy is good looking. A small minority of people have said that because she is pretty, she is therefore using her looks to create an unfair (?) advantage in the business.

Some things that I would like to understand.
1. Is the photo(s) just a normal "business card" headshot or is this in some way a sexually suggestive pose?

2. Assuming it is a business card headshot, how is this any different than any advertising that features a woman on it? e.g., Does anyone really think the icon picture for Tiger Direct actually works there?

3. If Amy were actually ugly and she used a professional model to be the "face" of the business, would there be any problem with that? Or, is it that ugly people (male or female) must suffer the consequences of their looks?

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The photos displayed are not exactly business type

by PauloXXP In reply to Please summarize the issu ...

The photos used show no business intention at all. The lady is definitely very attractive, and the image displays not only her voluptuous curves, but is accompanied by a second lady doing the same. They are both wearing casual clothes, with not even the slightest intention of business - only seduction. On the other hand, the text accompanying the photo cleary focuses in selling the services.

I have nothing against using your looks to 'captivate' your audience, but showing 'Tits' to sell Hosting?

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"The Site" and a perspective

by MidnightGeek In reply to Please summarize the issu ...

First here's the link to the site in question.

1. It's a myspace blog.
Generally that means this is a personal thing rather than professional.
2. Yes she's plugging her business.
Duh - I do the same thing in every venue I can, why shouldn't she? It's free exposure.
3. Yes, she is very attractive.
Again I'm looking for a problem here. The stereotypical nerd is not that, and now there is more beauty in our ranks? Could some one tell me how that is bad.
4. Read her comments - She's being intelligent. (If not a bit of a company cultist though.)

My final thoughts. If techies had to rely on how we look to get a job, most of us would be unemployable. I'm sure we all look absolutely fabulous, even Amy, after patch tuesday every month at 3AM. <smirk>
The difference is that in our industry, especially in California where geeks are a dime a dozen, we have to prove ourselves daily. Failure to do so means a business can have critical problems that can close the doors almost overnight.
She got a good job and has held it. Kudos for her. Although I personally think marketing in a personal blog space like is bad form, her page is tuned to the right market.

And if you think about it. It has done it's job well. "There is no such thing as bad press."
Now we're all thinking about her and her company. (Who I will not name since it is my competitor.)

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