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Sexual Discrimination in IT?

By Stephy ·
I just read a disturbing thread, actually in fact a slanderous post, the subject of which is a friend of mine who worked extemely hard for the past 6 years and is achieving awesome results in her job as a Sales manager for a well known web host.
You can view the post here:
I for one was kind of hoping this sort of thing went with the dinosaurs and that women were equally respected in the realm of IT.

I have worked as a systems administrator for a number of years now and have always been treated with the respect I afford to others.
Should this sort of attitude still be going on today?
I would value your comments.

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Geez dude, you're smitten with Amy!

by TechExec2 In reply to I met Amy

Geez dude, you're smitten with Amy! And, I must admit, from your description, I'm smitten too!

But, I really think you're missing the point. I'll try to help you out.

- A loser guy (aka LOSER) made a rude and crude post on based on his obervation of Amy's MySpace page.

- Stephy, Amy's friend (aka FRIEND), gets bent WAY TOO FAR out of shape and posts here and there. She calls it sexual discrimination in the IT workpace here. It isn't.

- My posts were in response to the FRIEND'S original post here and what I thought she was really so bent about. These are smart strong women who are getting bent out of shape about a LOSER'S rude and crude post. I think they should ignore the LOSER. They are so much bigger than that. And, it's a good thing this guy didn't make the comment in person because I think he would be castrated by now. Anyway...

- None of this is personal about Amy. The LOSER doesn't know her. Almost everyone posting here doesn't know her. I don't know her.

- I know from Amy's blog that she disrespects the LOSER and curses him (politely but firmly). I think a woman who is as all together as she is will be totally fine with all of this. And, I expect she is.

But, now I'm worried about YOU. It is not necessary to defend her virtue. Nobody who has a brain thinks poorly of her. The LOSER made a crude comment, but he clearly doesn't have a brain so does not count.

Call Amy and ask her out for coffee. Anybody who feels the way you do about a woman should not be posting about her like this on TR. CALL HER.

Good luck.

P.S. All of a sudden, this professional IT site has become Friendster. :-)

edited for spelling

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Not Smitten

by eshepoker In reply to Geez dude, you're smitten ...

Just professionally impressed. She is in a very loving and committed relationship and so am I :)

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Sexual Discrimination in IT

by phammond In reply to Sexual Discrimination in ...

Yes it still exists. I have worked in IT for over 12 years now and am still experiencing it. I still have to prove that I know what I am talking about, then I get their respect, but not at first and I am no young person. And i have found it all over the world in my work.

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Are you sure?

by shardeth-15902278 In reply to Sexual Discrimination in ...

I am male, have been in IT for roughly 15 years, and I still have to prove what I am talking about to get their respect. Is it sexual discrimination or is it the typical Ego trip.

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Not too much...

by SylviePW In reply to Sexual Discrimination in ...
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by shardeth-15902278 In reply to Not too much...

That was some serious stereotyping there. only 2 of 11 men in our office our belly protruding, only 1 even drinks coffee, I am the only one who is balding, and none of them are more flawed than 90% of the population. Talk about discrimination...

I wish I knew more of those good Women you talk about. We have one in our dept.- Not a manager- Who has those qualities. The few female IT managers I have known have been the chip-on-the-shoulder variety: Always looking to pick a fight, never willing to listen to anyone elses ideas, and always micromanaging to the nth degree (And fairly technically clueless to boot).

I have been acquainted with managers outside of the IT profession who posses the qualities you mention, so I do know they exist. The best one's I have known have had a couple common traits:
1. uncompetetiveness - They never seemed to feel a need to prove anything. They understood their job, they knew their people, and they worked hard to help their people succeed.
2. Leadership - One in particular impressed me with respect to this. I never saw her angry. She was always very calm, quiet, and encouraging in the way she worked with and motivated her team members. As a result, her team loved her. They were all very hard working, and they worked well together.

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your only giving power

by jturner In reply to Sexual Discrimination in ...

Buy replying to the post they put out there and trying to bash them for what they put out there you only sink to there level, yes i agree that it is wrong that people bash other people, but when you try to bash them back you really are no better than they are. the sad thing is that type of person is always going to lose to a woman because he will continually underestamate them.

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Its ironic

by RknRlKid In reply to Sexual Discrimination in ...

This whole issue is very ironic in several ways.

1. Our cultures dwell on beauty, and women have to be glamorous. But if you are genetically beautiful, and are in business, then you are using the beauty that the culture REQUIRES to sell a product. (Translation: you can't win.)

2. Almost every web hosting/computer reseller uses women to sell products. Ever seen a middle aged, overweight woman in a Dell ad? How about the "operators" at TigerDirect? (How convenient that the camera focus is pointing at cleavage.) The back pages of a Computer Shopper will show you exactly how sexist the whole thing is.

This is one of those subjects that has the overall effect of smacking a hornet's nest :)

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Sounds Like Someone is a Jealous Sore Loser

by baquaviva In reply to Sexual Discrimination in ...

SHOULD this type of attitude still be going on today? Of course not. Unfortunately it will always go on in some segment of society. It's much easier to hide behind a keyboard and make accusations or any kind of comment and not have to deal with anything face-to-face. That's the direction our society is going in. These idiots crave the attention they get from these statements/posts so don't give it to them - just ignore them while you file a complaint (if you know who the offending party is).

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Oh my God, please lighten up!!

by The Truth In reply to Sexual Discrimination in ...

I am certain you've taken this post much too seriously. I can only be grateful that I don't work around you and I offer my support to any male who does have to deal with your "princess and the pea" sensitivities.

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