Shared Printer Spooler Locks up

By andres28 ·
I am having a problem printing to a shared printer. The printer is an HP LaserJet 1018. The printer works fine locally but when certain users try to print from their workstations over the network the print spooler locks up and has to be reset. Once the spooler is restarted all the print jobs come through just fine. But once someone tries to print over the network the job just sits there in the queue and backs up any other jobs that get sent to it. Does anyone have any ideas?

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RE: Shared Printer Spooler Locks up

by cambroneroronie In reply to Shared Printer Spooler Lo ...

I have read some articles and forums from another site maybe similar to this issue and my conclusion is:
You may try powering on your printer 3minutes later than your computers.
You may try disabling or Uncheck the Enable Bidirectional on the Ports Tab of Printer Properties, BUT ..
..may have the RISK to stops any computer from getting communication from the printer. Like pop-up messages such as jams, toner levels, etc. are lost. More importantly, such user interactions as manual feeds prompts for printing sheet-fed checks, envelopes, labels, or alternative stock paper are blocked once bidirectional communication is disabled.

So, if you are willing to take those risk and need to solve your current issue. We'll its up to you to try.

By the way, for your security, you may want to create a restore point before making any changes on your computer.

You may have knew how it is done. If not, here are the steps.
Press the Windows key once and type restore point. That would search for what you have typed.
Then you should see a highlighted link named with Create a restore point.
So click in it, so you would be redirected to the system properties, look for a Create Tab and press on it.
Type what you want to name on it so you could know it was the restore point that you'd created.
Now press the Create tab to proceed.

This could helped you restore back your previous settings on your computer, when things getting worst by your exploration and huge try outs on fixing problems.

In restoring back your settings, just press the Windows Key again, but this time you have to type a word SYSTEM RESTORE.
Follow and agree the wizard until you reach the restore point which you have to choose for restoration and get back your previous settings.

Hope this could help you buddy.

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