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By Jaqui ·
which of the many shells do you use?
why this over the ubiquitous bash?
( if not bash )
what benefits does the shell offer over bash?

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Bash is now a superset of Ksh

by masinick In reply to isn't

One might argue on this differently, depending on which implementations of Ksh and Bash that you have locally installed, but from what I can tell, Bash has long passed up Ksh, which as far as I can tell, has been dormant for years on features.

The shell with the largest set of features that I know of is zsh. I would argue that Bash has plenty of features inherited from that shell as well and is more than rich enough in capabilities, definitely for every day use.

Zsh has a mass of features found in Bash, Tcsh, and all of the other powerful shells. I find it to be a bit overwhelming, and I have no need for all of the features it offers. Bash has more than enough features for me, and I can even make due with a smaller shell, as long as it has UNIX System V Bourne Shell equivalent features (The Korn Shell is fine in this respect).

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Choose portable conventions

by masinick In reply to The default or what is po ...

I will use any shell that descends from the original Bourne Shell, but if possible, I will not use that aged original Bourne Shell for only one reason - it lacks history and easy command navigation when used interactively. However, when programming, scripting, or otherwise using shells, I try, whenever possible, to adopt conventions and techniques that would also work in any Bourne compatible shell: sh5 (the UNIX System V Bourne Shell, not the original UNIX Version 6 shell), ksh, the Korn Shell, Bash, zsh, or pdksh.

These practices echo what Wes wrote about a few years ago, but since shells and aliases were recently mentioned in a Tech Republic mailing, I thought it would be worthwhile to mention these common best practices again.

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