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Shellbot needs a phone

By Shellbot ·
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Right so, my little Nokia C3 is starting to wind down. I'm going to need a new phone soon. * sigh *
The time has come, I should probably get a smart phone. I've held out for years.
I'm no apple fan, so doubt I'd go for an iPhone. Ideally I'd like a windows phone, but the only ones that are available here are 2 HTC's and some Nokia's that I don't like.

Which brings me to Android. All the pretty phones are Android. The new Samsung, is shiny, and sparkly, and pretty, and did I say shiny? But its Android. Not only is it shiny, but we just bought the new Samsung 8 Series Smart TV (holy cow its a 55" beast boys and girls..this thing sings, dances, makes tea..) and it would connect to the phone if I got it..

Sadly, despite years of being cool (I'm cool right?) and up to date with the tech, I've gotten left behind. I'm looking to you, my most trusted techy allies for advice.

Whats your thoughts?

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Why skype? Two-and-a-half words: Flat-rate internet.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Knowing even less on this ...

Especially with international calls, free beats roaming

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Already do interent

by Shellbot In reply to Why skype? Two-and-a-half ...

but sometimes I'm out and about, or don't have time to sit at my laptop and talk to her, so it would be nice if we would chit chat on our actual phones through skype, or viber, or whatever other free calling services there are.

There's no roaming charges, I live in Dublin, she lives in canada :)

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Yeah, it certainly makes sense.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Already do interent

I am going to be working while my family is abroad for holidays (she gets to deal with my mom by herself :^0 ), so I will be setting up skype on my old Nokia C6.00, so she can get a hold of me when I am at work, without racking up those roaming bills.

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by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Well,

S4 and all other Samsung phones are fantastic for home users fun, BUT....if you want an actual phone that sounds normal, run screaming. I have yet to hear a worse quality PHONE than Samsung.

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Wow, the gang's all here now.

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Well...

I agree with all your comments but have to say that Windows Mobile, while you feel it is a toy, is actually the most widely used OS for large demanding Enterprise applications worldwide. All the high end mobiles, not retail/consumer toys, are using Windows Mobile and always have. They went from Palm OS to Win Mobile and haven't looked back. Reliability, office functionality/compatibility and security are simply unbeatable. Other devices have been looked at but never seriously considered for real enterprise use.

So when you say child's toy, rather than a technical device, it simply couldn't be farther from the truth. Sure smaller corporations and businesses may have IT guys spouting the virtues of Android and iOS, but what do they know anyway, besides what they think is the best on the street. I also proved quite recently that the IT guys aren't even aware of the high end Enterprise market anyway (as far as what devices are even available, outside of the BestBuy/FutureShop consumer junk), so they have no idea what's actually popular and commonly used for such needs.

Other than just the one comment, I agree with you.

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by jck In reply to Wow, the gang's all here ...

I would have to beg to differ...when it comes to "Windows Phone"...dunno about "Windows Mobile".

Time Magazine, ZDNet, et al, have said in published articles (over the past two years...and as recently as April 2013) that the predominant mobile OS used on devices in the mid-to-large enterprise is iOS. Second place goes to Android.

As for it being a toy, the feel and look of it is more like the modern version of a toy called "See n Say". Besides, why would I want big squares and only see about 8 of them on my limited-sized mobile screen when (with my Android phone) I get 16 icons that I can choose from on the screen? It seems like a terribly inefficient interface...i.e.- poorly planned design.

More power to people who want it, but everything I've seen of it is inferior to my Android 4.0 device that I paid $99 for and have no contract.

I'll stick with a generation back that works better. The masses who want to be cool or trendy can go **** their money on whatever Windows Phone is sold on nowadays.

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I think Android is presently the game.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Shellbot needs a phone

Heck, I've seen long-term apple fanbois switch sides in the last year, so something's definitely going on.
Of course, that could be because of Ingress
The things I hear about Android are very geek-friendly, like Tasker, an app that can manage some very impressive home automation.
WinP8 is being lauded by some as "not as bad as you think", which is of course the usual, when MS swings a non-turkey product. The app selection is weak, though, or so I hear.

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by jck In reply to I think Android is presen ...

a) is cheaper than Apple
b) is more time-tested than Windows Phone
c) doesn't require you buy your apps through their proprietary store

Win-win if you ask me. But evidently, I don't know about anything...

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Letting go is hard

by Shellbot In reply to Android

I've been in the MS camp for so long I've gone native :)

Might just have to make that break..

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I understand comfort zones

by jck In reply to Letting go is hard

But, you will find Android as friendly to use. To be honest, I found learning to get around in Android easier than getting around in Win 8.

Plus like I said...if you're looking to save money, you can get a good Android phone with nice features cheap. And, your phone selection is more varied. More likely to find what you like at a price that's reasonable.

I've been in MS stuff since 1985, and using Windows since 3.1. Getting used to Android was easy. No need to be scared of it.

As long as it will let you do what you want, I say go for what is best for the money. Knowing the products out there, that will most likely be some kind of Android smartphone.

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