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Shellbot needs a phone

By Shellbot ·
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Right so, my little Nokia C3 is starting to wind down. I'm going to need a new phone soon. * sigh *
The time has come, I should probably get a smart phone. I've held out for years.
I'm no apple fan, so doubt I'd go for an iPhone. Ideally I'd like a windows phone, but the only ones that are available here are 2 HTC's and some Nokia's that I don't like.

Which brings me to Android. All the pretty phones are Android. The new Samsung, is shiny, and sparkly, and pretty, and did I say shiny? But its Android. Not only is it shiny, but we just bought the new Samsung 8 Series Smart TV (holy cow its a 55" beast boys and girls..this thing sings, dances, makes tea..) and it would connect to the phone if I got it..

Sadly, despite years of being cool (I'm cool right?) and up to date with the tech, I've gotten left behind. I'm looking to you, my most trusted techy allies for advice.

Whats your thoughts?

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"But evidently, I don't know about anything..."

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Android

No offense (taken or intended), and sorry if this is an impertinent question, but did I say something to offend you? I sort of infer it from that line I just quoted.
I've been getting a lot of people upset lately, when I wasn't particularly trying to, so I just thought I'd better ask.

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by jck In reply to "But evidently, I don't k ...

Someone else started posting as though I was uneducated.

Sorry for the confusion.

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If it wasn't me,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to wasn't you...

can I at least second the opinion?

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It does seem to be popular

by Shellbot In reply to I think Android is presen ...

The thing is over here, people buy "hype" not functionality. So when people here say to me "android is great, there's an app for everything to manage your life" I kinda cringe and think "oh god, do I want Google managing my life?" :)

I didn't actually research the windows apps available .. must go do that

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I usually consult some conflicting shills

by AnsuGisalas In reply to It does seem to be popula ...

Ya gotta study them first, know how they work... but it can be revealing.

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WinMobile 6.5

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to I think Android is presen ...

The most commonly used Enterprise OS for mobility. Though not this years release, it is still the most widely used and trusted mobile OS for demanding business needs. You'll find that when you get into high end mobility, they are at least 3-4 years behind with the OS, as it requires many years of post development before it is reliable enough to use in those applications.

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My Thoughts

by TheChas In reply to Shellbot needs a phone

I'll be upfront. I'm very cheap when it comes to cellphone service and use TracFone to keep my bill under $7 (US) per month. No smartphone options from them, so I use just a feature phone.

I do have have a wi-fi only Samsung Galaxy tab that I am fairly pleased with.
Only problem I have with the Tab is the limited amount of memory for installed applications. Having only 4GB available makes it a bit difficult when an application wants to store all of it's files in the same folder.
You can only use the external SD card for data. Much of which you have to move manually.

My sister and her husband are very happy with the Galaxy III (?) phones that they got last Christmas.

Just make sure that the first application you install is your preferred anti-virus software.


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Looks like Spammers to me perhaps I should delete every post

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Shellbot needs a phone

But just a thought here Shelly did you consider buying a new battery rather than a new phone?

After all the idea of a Mobile Phone is having the ability to speak to people over the Phone System without a need for a cord to the handset. With Smart Phones less than 10% of their use is to make Phone Calls or Text. They are hardly a Mobile Phone and much more a Underpowered Computer that is useless if it was to be compared to the NB that most carry. But because they call them Mobile Smart Phones they are acceptable and after all you can play Angry Birds on them so they must be GREAT.

Though why you would exactly want to make a Bunch of Birds Angry is way beyond my limited understanding and whenever it's mentioned it causes images of Hitchcock's The Birds to appear in my mind.

Because I'm tight I have a Nokia 3510 I think as the covers are too hard to get off just to look but after replacing it's battery about a year ago it's continuing to do what I require, allows people to call me when I'm out and about. I actually don't want a Hand Held Mobile Computer which is underpowered so I just stick with what I need and don't encourage Wildlife to Attack Me.


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by Shellbot In reply to Looks like Spammers to me ...

I did consider buying a new battery, but I suspect the phone would only have a short life anyways as its been acting crazy for a while.

I just figured its time to enter the smart phone game. There is some handy things ya can do with it...

I took the plunge on sunday, just trying to figure out how to use it now!

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Samsung Galaxy S4

by Shellbot In reply to Shellbot needs a phone

Well, on sunday I went for it.

Its pretty and shiney. Now to just figure out how to use it

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