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Shellbot needs a phone

By Shellbot ·
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Right so, my little Nokia C3 is starting to wind down. I'm going to need a new phone soon. * sigh *
The time has come, I should probably get a smart phone. I've held out for years.
I'm no apple fan, so doubt I'd go for an iPhone. Ideally I'd like a windows phone, but the only ones that are available here are 2 HTC's and some Nokia's that I don't like.

Which brings me to Android. All the pretty phones are Android. The new Samsung, is shiny, and sparkly, and pretty, and did I say shiny? But its Android. Not only is it shiny, but we just bought the new Samsung 8 Series Smart TV (holy cow its a 55" beast boys and girls..this thing sings, dances, makes tea..) and it would connect to the phone if I got it..

Sadly, despite years of being cool (I'm cool right?) and up to date with the tech, I've gotten left behind. I'm looking to you, my most trusted techy allies for advice.

Whats your thoughts?

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oh i see

by PurpleSkys In reply to Samsung Galaxy S4

it's the "crow"'s pretty and shiny lol....of course, I can't say much, it's killing me waiting to get the new BB Q10

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by aidemzo_adanac In reply to oh i see

Amazing ! There's a few bugs to sort out, as with any new OS, bu toverall, it's a complete trip and a joy to have. Nothing better than a canuck with a Berry, it's almost a given these days as fewer and fewer people will take a bite form the poison Apple. Oh no! They don't have 136 flashlight apps and 263 music apps, but I guess I'll have to make do. I haven't connected with my Playbook yet but it seems to do the same things itself anyway. I might even ditch the playbook as the Q10 is just so damn cool! RIM all the way!

Hope you get yours soon, if you are a Berry fan, you;ll love it. All others have had slight improvments over the base models but not much, Q10 is insane fun though, and a business tool to boot!

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Well all I can say is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Samsung Galaxy S4

Enjoy Linux and stay away from Windows.

Of course I hope you have a Great Data Plan as everything you do on the silly thing requires Data. I already give more than enough to my Phone Company so I refuse to give them any more that I absolutely have to and even then I'm complaining about how much money they steal from me.


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by Shellbot In reply to Well all I can say is

I'm on a plan so i got 2gb a month, but when i'm at home i just connect to my home internet so don't think usage will be an issue. i'm not going to be a heavy user

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RTDM. No text.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Samsung Galaxy S4
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i know but

by Shellbot In reply to RTDM. No text.

I can't find the manual! gonna have to get one online and have a go over it :)

I did find a help button though..

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by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Shellbot needs a phone

I like the functionality and love the screens. The actual phone though, the key function of a smartPHONE is ridiculously sad though. It's to the point that I can tell a caller if they are using a Samsung phone simply because if the nearly inaudible quality of the call.

Nokia, by FAR, leaps and bounds and huge jumps, has the best PHONE in any mobile device, they always have done. Durability is second to none also, bottom line Nokia makes an incredible phone, OS aside.

HTC, I had phenomenal luck with, great phone quality, EXCELLENT screen and functionality (especially once you start using stylus input to write, print and draw on the screen, the translation to text of line art is absolutely bang on every time!)

As for iPhone, Apple lovers will tell you nothing beats it, you can buy then download 10 gazillion useless apps, that all do the same thing. The screen is second rate, the input is limited. But if you want to be cool, for at least another year anyway, buy an iPhone.

I love Android but Win Mobile, despite being beaten down by apple and Android fans, is actually an excellent OS. It is used widely by US government, Health, DoD etc due to security and reliability. Not too many marines using company issued iPhones or Android on an S3.

If you want it for business use too, Windows and HTC or Nokia are a dead ringer, that's their market, which Apple tried haplessly to infiltrate for a decade and Android doesn't yet get consideration for.

The largest enterprises in the world use Nokia and Motorola phones with Windows Mobile for a good reason, high security and reliability.

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