SHOULD an administrator 'spy' on employees by logging in as the user

By Aussie Gal ·
I have tried to search around here (and Google) for the answer but failed. And I really need this answer if possible, please.

I know that as an Administrator of a small network myself, I can log into another user's account and find out exactly what they have been doing on the company computer. What I don't quite know is this - how ETHICAL/LEGAL is it?

Personally I would not do it as there was no reason to, no hint of wrong doing etc. But I was told another Administrator was asked to do this to the other Administrator, and of course didn't like having to do it.

Should they have done it, or should the manager have asked them to do it? I am in Australia so I am not sure if the law would be different here.

The manager is not an IT person, and may not know the ethical issues involved. And as I am still studying, I am unsure either. So I thought I would come to this great place and ask what you think.

I would appreciate an answer very much. Thank you!

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I fully agree with everything posted here

by OH Smeg In reply to I couldn't find a QLD Law

Though it will probably be closer to 50 years before those QLD Pollies get their act together and actually pass some useful laws.

You should know the old saying when you visit QLD from anywhere else turn your watch forward an hour and your calender back 50 years.

Th Borg is way to interested in Playing Political Games and so is the other side so any useful legislation will be a very long time coming after all they are more interested in fighting over water fluoridation, recycled water and dams then really addressing the really important issues like Data Security. :)

But the described situation sounds very much to me like what happens with Bureaucrats who are involved in Empire Building. They just drive me nuts so I try to avoid them whenever possible.


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Empire Building

by Jacky Howe In reply to I fully agree with everyt ...

I've seen it go to a few peoples head over the years when they have been given a position of Authority. And I really am glad that I don't deal with Bureaucrats anymore.

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Misplaced authority though - empire will come crashing down

by Aussie Gal In reply to Empire Building

They can empire build all they like. They are just as much employed by me (as a member/secretary of the committee hehe) as the other staff members.

I just can't confront the Manager without independant proof. I don't want to say the IT Manager/Administrator TOLD me, because they are too much of a TARGET already.

We have Windows Server 2003, but I don't know if we had logging enabled, so I can prove what date/time the user's account was hacked into...

Any ideas? Please be gentle, as I said, I am a student hehe

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No balls hey, WHOOPS

by Jacky Howe In reply to Misplaced authority thoug ...

Unfortunately unless you know the date and time that this event happend and if the User wasn't actually using the account on that particular day you won't gain very much. If it was a successful logon using the Users credentials it will show as event ID 672. Having said that and the User was in Brisbane on that day then it is obvious that someone used those credentials. Here are a couple of ideas for future reference.
Audit Account Logon Events
How to track users logon/logoff
By the way welcome to TR. The best support/information site on the net.

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I agree

by Aussie Gal In reply to I fully agree with everyt ...

I am getting driven nuts by this but at least for once I am not powerless lol.

The problem is that the Manager knows nothing at all about IT, so they may not know what they did was wrong. They will find out though.

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No balls - not a man hehehe

by Aussie Gal In reply to I couldn't find a QLD Law

I do agree with your answer though hehe. I should have said the Manager is a woman just like me, sorry. The IT Manager/Administrator that is the victim, is also a woman. (Yes we do have men on staff too hehe).

I agree that things should be out in the open, totally.

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It is up to the Management committee to regain control and we will

by Aussie Gal In reply to And QLD Law is Jacky?

I will 'out' myself lol and say I am Secretary of the Association that employs the Manager. I only became aware this was happening this week, and I was outraged. I have notified the other office bearers, and will be bringing this up to the Management Committee tomorrow.

This answer is very helpful thank you, because you have no vested interest in saying the manager is out of control. I agree. I am just so lucky that I am in a position to stop this now. I believe in getting as much information as possible though, that is why I asked here, and I am so grateful to everyone.

Thank you. Wish me luck tomorrow lol.. I will post tomorrow night on what happens. Your opinions have really helped me a lot.

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Well if you are in that position

by OH Smeg In reply to It is up to the Managemen ...

It may be worth a talk to either Terry or Ian for their advice. Both are very knowledgeable on issues like this. :)


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Good idea

by Aussie Gal In reply to Well if you are in that p ...

I have a phone phobia though hehe but if I can find proof this was done, I will suggest this to our President... thanks.

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I am the OP still lol - Changed my user name

by Aussie Gal In reply to SHOULD an administrator ' ...

I got paranoid as I realized that I used my email address as my user name. And given what is happening to the other Administrator who is the IT Manager, I hope you guys and any gals can understand :-)

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