SHOULD an administrator 'spy' on employees by logging in as the user

By Aussie Gal ·
I have tried to search around here (and Google) for the answer but failed. And I really need this answer if possible, please.

I know that as an Administrator of a small network myself, I can log into another user's account and find out exactly what they have been doing on the company computer. What I don't quite know is this - how ETHICAL/LEGAL is it?

Personally I would not do it as there was no reason to, no hint of wrong doing etc. But I was told another Administrator was asked to do this to the other Administrator, and of course didn't like having to do it.

Should they have done it, or should the manager have asked them to do it? I am in Australia so I am not sure if the law would be different here.

The manager is not an IT person, and may not know the ethical issues involved. And as I am still studying, I am unsure either. So I thought I would come to this great place and ask what you think.

I would appreciate an answer very much. Thank you!

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Your E-Mail address gets truncated to prevent

by OH Smeg In reply to I am the OP still lol - C ...

The Bots roaming the Net picking it up and flooding your In Box with Spam.

The majority of us here just couldn't be bothered looking anyway and as no names where mentioned there is little Likelihood of this being picked up on a General Web Search.

Basically it's quite safe.


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True true...

by Aussie Gal In reply to Your E-Mail address gets ...

I was just too lazy to create a user name so my user name was my email address. But as I said, I was being paranoid lol.

I am an Aussie gal anyway so... I love your user name.. OH Smeg rox.

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Better than some and can be quite descriptive at times.

by OH Smeg In reply to True true...

Though my Alter Ego HAL 9000 is also another Nice Name to go with the Nice Person that I am. Just watch out for airlocks unexpectedly opening as you walk past. :^0

Col ]:)

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