Should I go for a gaming headset?

By damienstanford1 ·
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Hello everyone, how are you today?

I have a question for people who are more knowledgeable than me about headphones and sound.

So, I'm planning to replace my old headset with the new one. I have a budget of $100. I planned to buy a gaming headset, but then I did a comprehensive research on that.

I noticed that branded gaming headsets aren't so different in features than some cheap ones but brand cost so much. It seems like people are paying for the brand and not the value.

Is it better to invest for example half of my budget to headphones while another half to a quality sound card? What's your opinion on it?

I find this article pretty interesting ( It's explaining why gaming headset isn't worth the money.

What's your opinion on this?

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First Time

by MichaelJD In reply to Should I go for a gaming ...

First time in my life to read an informational article on a review site. And also my first day here

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Good description

by jiraiyasensei619 In reply to Should I go for a gaming ...

Yes, article is great. Even I own Msi GH 60. If you are no big time gamer than skip gaming headset. Even any music ear plug with mic will do the job.

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Not really...

by techartz In reply to Should I go for a gaming ...

Dedicated gaming headsets aren't worth the premium unless you're a pro-level gamer. If sound quality is more important to you, then you can invest on high-fidelity open-back headphones instead (link removed by moderator). They work a treat, and are preferred by gamers for the open sound-stage.

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