Should I jump from XP to Windows 8?

By reesa ·
I'm a web designer/creative/business user ready buy a new computer to replace my current XP PC. Since the Windows 8 release is approaching, I am thinking about jumping straight to 8. Most of the software I run (MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Quickbooks, etc.) is the latest version. So I would use my current software on the new computer. What problems could I run into if I skip Win 7 and go right to 8?

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by benitohenri In reply to Should I jump from XP to ...

I think you should make the switch because windows 8 is the newest operating system, which entails that it is faster more efficient, your current problems would not be the same.

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by jdyl In reply to Hey.

By that logic, Vista should have been faster and more efficient than the last. At Vista's launch, and for about a good year or two, that was definitely NOT the case. I would suggest caution with Windows 8. You might start by downloading and installing the consumer preview, which is free and is a good way to get acquainted with the new OS. But like others have noted here, if you have an older machine, then neither Win 7 nor Win 8 are likely to run very well, if much at all, on your hardware. That said, Win 7 is a solid platform for both productivity and play. With Win 8, it's definitely a wait and see as to whether or not it will be MS's next OS flop/debacle (a la ME, Vista). Supposedly Win 8 will ship before the year's end, so we won't have long to wait before finding out.

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by zazimi In reply to Hey.

agreed with jd, just definately keep in mind that Win8 Preview is just that, a Preview, and not the completed copy, as jd mentions. So there may be some abnormalities or incompatibility that may not be an issue with the retail release. just food for thought.

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From a business point of view....

by dandaman2234 In reply to Should I jump from XP to ...

Windows 7 has now been available to the public since 2009, service pack 1 was released a while back and numerous other updates have also been made available. Its safe to say the OS is fairly rock solid (although not as solid as XP).

I wouldn't go straight to Windows 8 as your bound to come into some problems as its fairly fresh on the market - go with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit Edition - Adobe CS will be compatible and stable whether you have the 32 or 64 bit version - Windows 7 is the safer bet.

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