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Should I support home users?

By briwlls ·
I'm reading the recent article/thread about, 'What support services do you use for your PC?' and it's got me thinking about my business.

I'm currently a one-person shop and about 70% of my business is small business and 30% home/end-users.

I once read a statement, that at the time was 4 years old, that said the home user market was not a viable market segment to base your business on. While that has stuck in my mind I see Apple offering this new AppleCare Pro product, Best Buy's Geek Squad is growing and Dell is now entering this market segment plus a number of other companies providing end user support.

I'm thinking of taking on a contractor to handle this home user side of my business...and just wondering if I should do this. What are other's doing to make this product segment work? Do you have a monthly maintenance contract i.e. $39.99 a month for one hour of support, or $279 for 5 incidents etc.? I just know the average home user is faced with a large number of bills and they just won't take a new bill just to support their computer.

Love to hear others thoughts, ideas and concerns.

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You naively assume

by Too Old For IT In reply to least you're not bi ...

You naively assume (a) that American corporate executives ever gave a damn about anyone in an economic class below theirs; (b) that today's corporate "strategic thinking" extends any further than this coming Friday's "earnings guidance"; and, (c) that "shareholder value" is anything except code-speak for "destroy the middle class in America".

Let's be blunt here: Corporations didn't hire women for the good-paying jobs until vast quantities of men were overseas fighting WWII. They didn't hire blacks in quantity until after civil rights laws forced them to. And as long as there is no draconian penalty for doing so, they will naturally gravitate to the cheapest source of labor on the planet, all the while fattening their own paycheck, perks, and golden parachutes.

I'd like to see some major hiring initiatives here in the US, but I seriously don't see it as long as we desire to maintain a thriving middle class. Put another way, we don't have to meet India slum-for-slum, begger-urchin-for-begger-urchin before massive hiring will come back to the states. We will have to surpass India, China, Vietnam or ANYWHERE else in levels of poverty before these same corporate executives will deign to "right-shore" jobs back home.

(And around the office they wonder about my killer grades in sociology ...)

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I'll bet you've got brown eyes

by NickNielsen In reply to [Post deleted by Admin]

Only somebody with brown eyes could express such ignorance so eloquently.

And a programmer too? I didn't know they let programmers in; I thought this was a much more exclusive site than that!

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No But My Ears are Clogged with

by KaptKos In reply to I'll bet you've got brown ...

Brown Sh!t that a majority of the morons post on this bulletin board


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Offensive Bigotry!

by fractalzoom In reply to [Post deleted by Admin]

Hey KaptKos, you should know that whatever point you may have had was lost in the tiny-minded bigotry expressed throughout your post. Patently offensive. I hope you apply for work in my department, as I would greatly enjoy the task of rejecting your application.

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Hi Archie!

by dthoreson In reply to [Post deleted by Admin]

You are ignorant. 'nough said....

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Hope this doesn't happen to anyone

by KaptKos In reply to Hi Archie!
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Quote from my last Post

by KaptKos In reply to Hope this doesn't happen ...

Sources say Peters, who was born to poor temp workers in eastern Virginia, would often go to offices where his mother worked and sit on her knee. According to his family, he once took up her pencil and said, "Pencil be the death of me. Oh, Mommy, this pencil be the death of me."


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It's Called Trolling, Folks...

by MrFurry In reply to [Post deleted by Admin]

Trolls post incredibly offensive messages, or messages on typical holy war topics, and then wait for the flames to roll in. Please don't feed the trolls.


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not just wrong, but wrong too!

by shraven In reply to [Post deleted by Admin]

I believe most of the outsourcing is going to India. I've never heard of any going to arab countries.
And the term "sandnigger" is a slur for arabs, so it would appear you are not only biggoted, but truly ignorant as well... which comes as no shock because most biggots are inbred rednecks who dropped out of 5th grade when they knocked up their sisters.


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Bigotry Enhanced

by MrFurry In reply to not just wrong, but wrong ...

And thank you for showing your own bigotry by ASSuming he is an 'inbred redneck' and etc due to his ethnic prejudice. I have interacted with Toshiba support on numerous occasions, both good and bad... and they are based in Turkey.

One entry found for bigot.

Main Entry: big?ot
Pronunciation: 'bi-g&t
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle French, hypocrite, bigot
: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices

Nice to see yourself in the mirror, no?

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