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Should I support home users?

By briwlls ·
I'm reading the recent article/thread about, 'What support services do you use for your PC?' and it's got me thinking about my business.

I'm currently a one-person shop and about 70% of my business is small business and 30% home/end-users.

I once read a statement, that at the time was 4 years old, that said the home user market was not a viable market segment to base your business on. While that has stuck in my mind I see Apple offering this new AppleCare Pro product, Best Buy's Geek Squad is growing and Dell is now entering this market segment plus a number of other companies providing end user support.

I'm thinking of taking on a contractor to handle this home user side of my business...and just wondering if I should do this. What are other's doing to make this product segment work? Do you have a monthly maintenance contract i.e. $39.99 a month for one hour of support, or $279 for 5 incidents etc.? I just know the average home user is faced with a large number of bills and they just won't take a new bill just to support their computer.

Love to hear others thoughts, ideas and concerns.

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Don't be asinine

by SaintGeorge In reply to You're joking, right?

I clearly said she gives me. Of course I don't charge her you whatever-you-tried-to-call-me. And I'm 44, not 18, and there is no way around it. Once I completely refused to accept it and she deposited it in my account.

And just to save you the trip to the dictionary, here is from

Etymology: Latin asininus, from asinus ***
1 : marked by inexcusable failure to exercise intelligence or sound judgment
2 : of, relating to, or resembling an ***

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by lalala In reply to Don't be asinine

nice spin. that's total BS. "she puts it in my account".

what color is the sky in your world?

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by MrFurry In reply to spin

better than the color of that brown eye you're staring thru... since you have no idea of his situation.


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by SaintGeorge In reply to Probably...

Just that. Thanks.

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Joke is on him, his mom is just giving him his inheritance early.

by breadtrk In reply to You're joking, right?

his mom is just giving him his inheritance early.

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RE I bet you heard this aleady

by edouarda In reply to I bet you heard this alre ...

You are so luck you get 50.00$. I am still working off her giving me birth!

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by Double DeBo In reply to RE I bet you heard this a ...

I am in the same boat. She put up with my antics for 18+ yrs. Now I am dealing with some of her agine issues.

My Mom sent her computer back to what she thought was the place she orded it from for repair. Turn out she was incorrect in her addressing.

She kept refusing to let me correct her mistake by letting me fix her computer so I had to sneak over when she wasn't with a System I built to replace what she had, boy was that fun. I got my butt chewed big time.

Then she tried to pay me. I ended up having to accept the money for fear of getting the belt at 40 yrs old, you don't say NO to Mom. But all she really did was pay for her DSL for a year.

Now when she pays her DSL bill she is 1 yr and a month ahead.

Sneaky us kids can be some time. I just hope she doesn' read this post.

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you should be ashamed

by lalala In reply to I bet you heard this alre ...

you actually take money from your Mother? what is wrong with you? did she charge you a toll when you entered this world or give you a bill after dinner? you are a piece of work.

sounds like you've got that PC fine tuned.


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ever got therapy?

by SaintGeorge In reply to you should be ashamed

Something is gnawing at your guts, right? Something you did to your mum must have scarred you badly. You should get threapy and see what it is that makes you lash to other people, whom you don't really know. For all you know my mother could be earning 5000 grand a month and that might be pocket change to her. But what do you care? You have an open wound, and it's supurating all over the place. Go get help, please. It's hard for us well-meaning, adjusted people to witness so much suffering. And don't bother to answer, I've had enough of pseudo moralists like yourself for the rest of 2006, I won't be following these posts any longer. Good luck with your problem. Bye.

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it's about principle

by lalala In reply to ever got therapy?

hey jorge, i shouldn't have lashed, you're right, i apologize. it just angers me when i read things like this, like money is the most important thing. it doesn't matter how much you or your mother have. what about doing something for nothing? giving, rather than taking? you probably already do, i know, so i don't mean to assume you don't. this post was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, i guess. sorry for the previous harshness. do whatever you want to do.

and no, i don't need help or have any open wounds.

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