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Should I take the help desk job?

By Linn47 ·
I became A+ and Network+ certified 8 years ago, with the main objective of working at a help desk.

Around that time everything was off-shored, and I ended up at a Cicuit City with several formerly well-paid geeks.

Since then, I've applied for every help desk job that was out there, with no luck.

Now I'm 62, and only apply for these jobs as a formality.

So, or course, I just got a call back for an interview. I'm not sure now whether I want the job or not.

Do I??

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Your first question should be something like

by Slayer_ In reply to Never assume computer lit ...

What does it say on the screen?

"It doesn't say anything"

Do you know if the screen is on?

"I don't know, I hit the button on the screen but nothing happens"


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"Screen" is a better word than "monitor"

by Linn47 In reply to Your first question shoul ...

That's a good, probing first question.

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retire and call it even

by CG IT In reply to Should I take the help de ...

then do consulting gigs

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Sounds good to me

by Linn47 In reply to retire and call it even

That would be nice

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Sure, why not?

by oldbaritone In reply to Should I take the help de ...

Or don't. It's up to you.

Someone once told me the first sign of old age. I can't remember what they said.

(from another over-50 person)

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Is this Twitter?

by Linn47 In reply to Sure, why not?

(Oh, I thought this was the AARP site!)


I guess my initial question simply should have been:

"How do you like your Help Desk job?"

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