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should music be free to download on internet

By narvash_red ·
should the music industry allow free music to be downloaded without any restrictions with it

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by w2ktechman In reply to should music be free to d ...

For me, if I think it is worth listening to, I dont mind purchasing it. If it is something that I dont want to buy, I can do without it or listen to it on the radio when they play it.
No big deal to me. However, I hate the idea of buying something and then being restricted in its use. If I buy a wrench or power tool, I can use it for many things, lend it out for a few days, or whatever. With new music/movies, this is disallowed. And they keep trying to tighten the grip, like buy a new copy to use in the car, and a new one to use in the mp3 player, and a new one for the computer, and....

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by JamesRL In reply to should music be free to d ...

Though some flexibility would be good.

If the artist and producer want it to be free, all well and good.

If you wrote and book and got someone to publish it, would you want someone to post it on the internet and give it away? Maybe - if it was a book on say politics and getting the message out was more important than the money you get. But most authors write for money.

I think fair use would be to allow someone who purchased the article, whether software or a book or music, to make copies for various media that they own. I don't think that any of those copies should be deistributed to others without the express permission of the author.


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Nothing is really free

by mjd420nova In reply to should music be free to d ...

I use the smart recorder of the Creative software that came with the sound card I use. It allows me to record anything I am listening to. I often go to VH1 and pick a genre like cool jazz or reunion(rock) and record what I find interesting. These are streamed in .WAV formats and I record them in 44kc stereo, 16 bit and save as .WAV format. I don't get to choose any selections or order of play so I might listen to 5 songs before I get one to record. I also have to listen to a 30 second advertisment every five songs or so. I then take these selections I've recorded and assemble them to burn on a CD. This can be done with streaming radio stations or any other source. I haven't recorded any new music, it just isn't my bag as most music today is meant for listeners about 40 years younger. I don't sell those CD's, they are just for my personal use in the car or on my home enterainment system.

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Eh ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to should music be free to d ...

Do you mean chnage their business model ?

Mind you iff they did that, it would bee down to the composers, not a bunch of suits.

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Who should be the one to really answer that question?

by Joe_R In reply to should music be free to d ...

The person who created the music, or the person who wants to listen to it?

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The creator should

by w2ktechman In reply to Who should be the one to ...

be able to put a value on it, and the listener should be able to decide whether they want to pay that price or not.

but that is not how it really works. The labels put a value on it and try to squeeze all sides into submission to get every cent that they can.

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Yes, if the owner, composer, performer and/or producer so desires

by drowningnotwaving In reply to should music be free to d ...

Otherwise it is up to them to determine a fair market price for the product and see if their product competes either on its merits or value proposition.

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Oops forgot Distributor and Agent as well <nt>

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Yes, if the owner, compos ...
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by jdclyde In reply to Yes, if the owner, compos ...

especially for bands just getting a start, it is a way to gather a following. Look what free distribution did for Metalica back when they were just starting. They handed out tapes and told people to make copies and give to all their friends. It worked.

I guess Lars has a right to be an assbag about it now if he chooses.

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Time to put up your own answer, Narvash

by drowningnotwaving In reply to should music be free to d ...

Declare your hand.

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