Should TechRepublic merge with FaceBook?

By Beothuk ·
I read and contribute (constructively I hope) to many of the discussions on TechRepublic.

Sometimes the level of the discussion is very good, is extremely professional and constructive.

However, there are many (too many) occasions when the "discussion" turns into a "my browser is better than your browser" or "Microsoft is crap" some such garbage like you'd expect from a couple of 8 year olds.

The "discussion" turns into the sort of thing I expect to see, in fact do see, on FaceBook.

For example, in a recent discussion (MS buying Adobe), a large number of respondents weighed in with "Microsoft is bloatware", "Microsoft is crap" etc.

They didn't contribute anything constructive, just a load of whining. Rarely were reasons given (other than "bloatware" etc) why the merger was a bad idea.

IMO, if you read a blog and have nothing to contribute other than a whine (e.g. "bloatware" etc), don't bother to post a reply.

What do others think?

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Wherever you want them to be.

by seanferd In reply to Where

But that concept wasn't part of the original post.

Or are you seriously asking where one might have intelligent debate?

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In other words...

by Rodo1 In reply to Re: Should TechRepublic m ...

...keep it the way *I* want to see it.

Funny, I didn't see anything about Beothuk being made the arbiter of the TR boards.

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what everyone here ISN'T 8?

by .Martin. In reply to Should TechRepublic merge ...

well it looks like I'm wrong again

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A Retoracle Question?

by Elvis.GodZilla.777 In reply to Should TechRepublic merge ...

From the wit and humor that I work with regularly, grumbling about anything seems counter-productive except to get it off of your chest. I am a master complainer all to often.

If it were possible for Facebook & TechRepublic to merge, I would be toast since my company dis-allows Facebook'ing.

g: - )

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same here

by 2rs In reply to A Retoracle Question?

boy, I almost totally freaked - NO WAY. I was just forced by my blood-related family to join their FB blather - they refuse any other form of communication. Is that saying something about them or me??

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by seanferd In reply to same here

I rather more tend to take your apparent view, however, so you might guess what my estimation of what this says about you and about them might be.

Of course, I do not hold in disdain everyone who uses FB, but I do find the platform, model, methods, and Mark <s>Z</s> F distasteful.

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