Silly Question?

By Anpadh ·
OK. Here we go. I am not a techie and never have been. I do enjoy working with computers and learning about them but I know zip about hardware -- and when I say zip, I am probably overstating my knowledge. I know a little bit about software but only a little more than the average non-techie, not nearly enough to be considered anything near being a software expert.

Now, here's the thing. I want to change my field. I am an English teacher. I want to switch over to the computer field. Money is the main reason. I won't deny that. But also, over the years, I have been failing to develop crucial educational tools simply because I don't understand computers. My research tells me that the future lies, not so much in a particular software, but in managing systems and networks. All software, ultimately, needs to work with the hardware, while the hardware can always adapt or ignore most types of software.

I have decided to work toward the CCIE certification. I know it takes a great deal of knowledge and several years of work. I know it is fairly expensive too. I know I need to get CCENT and CCNA certification and other certifications, en route to the CCIE. All of the comments I have read on this board state that it is damn near impossible to pass the CCNA test without actually working in the field before taking the test.

And that is what leads to my silly question: How do I get an IT job without any certification? It seems to be a Catch-22 situation. I need certification to get the job but I cannot possibly pass the certification test unless I already have a job.

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why CCIE?

by zerosentiment In reply to Silly Question?

since you have no IT skills, why not start with MCP? (microsoft certification).

Think most IT guys haves a particular frame of mind that attracts to the job, my only fear for you is that you might not like IT and be unhappy in the long run.

I think a MCP will get you a job, then you can see if you really do want to work for IT and continue with your education.

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For the money

by jdclyde In reply to why CCIE?

everyone knows you go into IT for the big bucks, right?

Well, that and the hot babes.... ;\

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< rolls eyes >

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to For the money

I don't know about either of those...


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< taps foot >

by jdclyde In reply to < rolls eyes >

yes, you do....

]:) ;\

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I'll be your e-mentor

by Jack-M In reply to Silly Question?

My name is Jack and I started work for what used to be "The Bell Telephone Company of America" in 1965. I started as a lineman, diggin' holes and cilbin' poles. For 2 years.
The phone rang on my boss's desk and he got the message I was going to the ATT assesment center in NYC. My return was a cable splicer, the top paying craft.
3 Years there and next facilities engineer.
3 years there and then Right of Way Agent, buying land for poles, bldgs., etc. $5000
check in my pocket, no questions asked by my boss if I didn't exceed my limit. Off to Project engineer. Fiber optic runs, pole lines, guys, pull, state regs.,etc. etc.
If you think I have something to offer write Luck

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