Silly Question?

By Anpadh ·
OK. Here we go. I am not a techie and never have been. I do enjoy working with computers and learning about them but I know zip about hardware -- and when I say zip, I am probably overstating my knowledge. I know a little bit about software but only a little more than the average non-techie, not nearly enough to be considered anything near being a software expert.

Now, here's the thing. I want to change my field. I am an English teacher. I want to switch over to the computer field. Money is the main reason. I won't deny that. But also, over the years, I have been failing to develop crucial educational tools simply because I don't understand computers. My research tells me that the future lies, not so much in a particular software, but in managing systems and networks. All software, ultimately, needs to work with the hardware, while the hardware can always adapt or ignore most types of software.

I have decided to work toward the CCIE certification. I know it takes a great deal of knowledge and several years of work. I know it is fairly expensive too. I know I need to get CCENT and CCNA certification and other certifications, en route to the CCIE. All of the comments I have read on this board state that it is damn near impossible to pass the CCNA test without actually working in the field before taking the test.

And that is what leads to my silly question: How do I get an IT job without any certification? It seems to be a Catch-22 situation. I need certification to get the job but I cannot possibly pass the certification test unless I already have a job.

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Yeah, go with that

by jdclyde In reply to Get Real!

pay for your tests on $70 a month.

Is now the time that winged pigs fly our of your ***?

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It is winged pigs. Comprehension isn't your strong suit, is it?

by jdclyde In reply to Get Real!

Thanks for the peer message. That was the most I laughed in quite some time!

"From: Anpadh
Subject: Up YOUR ***!

I don't expect to be earning $70 per week the rest of my life. When I do get a job in the computer or other industry, I will earn more. So don't talk to me about wings growing out of my ***. You are the ***! And you have proved it since your response is pretty full of ****! In any case, how I pay for what I want, whether out of my earning, savings, borrowings, or other means is none of your damn business! So stay out of it!

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You have an attitude problem.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Get Real!

You and IT ain't gonna get along. IT folks are under-appreciated, over-worked, and underpaid. If you can't take a little crap here, you don't get near what it takes to make it, much less thrive, in the IT world.

Peer mail isn't for cussing other peers. Hate to see what you'd do with network access to a large group of users if you got po'd at them...

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responds like a spoiled child

by jdclyde In reply to Get Real!

if his mommy had told him "no" once in a while, maybe he wouldn't be taking this so hard? Clearly, there are more issues with this user than was reported.

Does it surprise anyone here that he would not have thrived in a classroom?

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May be it's a UK job

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Writing Is Impossible!

But we have two Technical Writers, to cover three product suites, very valuable and paid very well.

You are talking four years or so of investment before you get a chance to climb on the bottom rung of the ladder. Which will basically be help desk, junior net admin as role barely exists if it ever did.

You'll be competing with the experienced and trained, or trained and indentured (H1b).
There is a drastic slowdown in IT investment, due to the current financial crisis. There is alot of talk about the cloud, which if it takes off will limit opportunities.

Just to round it off Corporate IT despite protestations to the contrary is very ageist.

On top of that I've never met anyone who went into IT for the money, who was any good as a tech. That's not a personal opinion, it's widely held.

You could get the sort of money you are talking about on help desk/support, and your teaching/life experience could count for something there.

Go look at the market, search the job boards, based on required skills, I afraid you have lost all contact with reality.

It's a nice dream you have and if the tech does really interest you, then worth pursuing, I'm fairly sure you can't afford to do do in the current market though.

Best of luck, you ae going to need it.

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Those who can - do. Those who can't - teach ....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Writing Is Impossible!

And those who can't teach, teach teachers to teach!

Miserable Grumpy Old Mycroft's family demographic:
Father - High School Principal of Music
Mother - Primary School Headmistress
Sister #1 - Technical College Lecturer
Sister #2 - Primary School Teacher

Miserable Grumpy Old Mycroft graduated and went into the Print Trade, then 17 years later after post grad, into the IT industry within the Print Trade.

Yet, according to our enlightened Educationalist of 20 years standing, I apparently have zilch to contribute to his present 'clever' idea.

Ah well, I'm clearly lacking in edumufication. :)

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Those who can - do. Thos ...

Never fail to make me laugh Old Mycroft, i loved the "let me go and suck on my 200 odd thumbs" so good I nearly fall off my chair ha ha

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IGNORE button!

by Anpadh In reply to You

You know, I have always wondered how people in the IT field get on without a basic knowledge of English. Now, I know -- they don't. They simply stay in their cloistered little world and pay no attention to anyone or anything else.

It seems none of you understood that I was asking for help. None of you have said anything that is remotely helpful (except for the one person who said I could have gotten a job at his company if I were located closer).

Since almost nobody here can understand a request for help as anything but a joke, I am not going to bother replying to each one individually. Have a great life! I will get help from those who are capable of giving it.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to IGNORE button!

Don't use it, we use 0's and 1's who needs that in the world of I.T don't be silly

Listen to what Old said, i found his information good and he is RIGHT, i am sorry to hear that you have to live on $10 a day but I.T takes years to master and i have been doing it 5 and still a long way to go you can't know everything.

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Know it All?

by Anpadh In reply to We

Actually, I don't remember claiming that I planned to learn EVERYTHING in IT -- just as much as anyone else who can pass the various IT tests. As to IT taking years to master, again, I never said that I planned to master it in a day. I may NEVER master it. But I do know that I will never know until I try.

There are people who give up without trying. I am not one of them.

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