Silly Question?

By Anpadh ·
OK. Here we go. I am not a techie and never have been. I do enjoy working with computers and learning about them but I know zip about hardware -- and when I say zip, I am probably overstating my knowledge. I know a little bit about software but only a little more than the average non-techie, not nearly enough to be considered anything near being a software expert.

Now, here's the thing. I want to change my field. I am an English teacher. I want to switch over to the computer field. Money is the main reason. I won't deny that. But also, over the years, I have been failing to develop crucial educational tools simply because I don't understand computers. My research tells me that the future lies, not so much in a particular software, but in managing systems and networks. All software, ultimately, needs to work with the hardware, while the hardware can always adapt or ignore most types of software.

I have decided to work toward the CCIE certification. I know it takes a great deal of knowledge and several years of work. I know it is fairly expensive too. I know I need to get CCENT and CCNA certification and other certifications, en route to the CCIE. All of the comments I have read on this board state that it is damn near impossible to pass the CCNA test without actually working in the field before taking the test.

And that is what leads to my silly question: How do I get an IT job without any certification? It seems to be a Catch-22 situation. I need certification to get the job but I cannot possibly pass the certification test unless I already have a job.

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Strip Clubs for the win {nt}

by Slayer_ In reply to raising the bar for the r ...
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Thank goodness I am NOT you!

by Anpadh In reply to Why thank you kind sir. I ...

And I don't want to be.

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I'm relieved.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Thank goodness I am NOT y ...

At least the ol' grump has a sense of humor, and can laugh at himself.

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I doubt there is a lot of things these certified guys can do that i cannot.

by Slayer_ In reply to Transition means Change!

...Without a manual or some trial and error. I may not know jack about hardware. But it would be easy to learn. So far what I have seen is the big high paid guys are getting laid off while at the same time companies are highering graduates at far lower wages. Of course this only happens for non union companies...

... I am sure glad the section of the company I work for is still profitable and growing, even if the mother company lost a couple billion cause they bought AIG like 5 months before the **** hit the fan.

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Do you have an advantage?

by rstan251 In reply to Silly Question?


I think you do!

As a teacher you might have an advantage. Communiciation, both written and verbal, can be a challenge for technical people.

If I were you, I would seek out a tech training firm. Offer to write or rewrite a training course. This might give you the entrance into the market that you need.

Imagine working shoulder to shoulder with some great tech trainer and probably obtaining some in-depth technical knowledge otherwise unavailable.

You might try offering to work for free in exchange for experience. I don't know too many techies that enjoy writing. You can be a real asset to a technical trainer who likes teaching but perhaps not the hard work of writing and planning.

Best of luck,


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To this point

by jdclyde In reply to Do you have an advantage?

he has not displayed a lot of skill in the writing area.....

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English Interpretation is pretty bad too....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to To this point

He can thank whichever God he believes in, that Aptitude Tests tend to come in multiple choice flavours.

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Yeah I had one of those for college, 3 seconds per answer

by Slayer_ In reply to English Interpretation is ...

sqrt of 65000 * 350

I was like wtf! Even with 4 possiblities I had no idea lol.

So I am a math failure. And english, but I did the flowcharts and logic problems perfect. I ended up being the token whiteboy in my class.

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Ahh yeah - but the secret is in the wording !! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Yeah I had one of those f ...

"3 Seconds per Answer"

Y'see, most folk think that means exactly that - 3 seconds for each question.

But the LOGICAL folk (the computer geeks) understand that it's the rough estimate which is the product of the total number of questions, divided by the alloted time available.

There'll be quite a few questions that you can answer on sight, from which you recover more and more seconds throughout the question paper. A question paper that is made from paper and answers that are put on that paper with a pen.

So ~ with lots of seconds to spare ~

Sqrt of 65000 * 350 becomes a simple long multiplication, like so:


Now, anyone with a brain cell knows that 4^2=16 and 5^2=25, so the sqrt of 22750000 HAS to look something akin to 4.7 factored up. THAT would be what you'd find in one of the multiple choice answers.

BUT ONLY if you left the SQRT Question till last !!


XP's calculator delivers 4769.6960070847282457631079301161 as the answer.

*There were probably quite a few that failed the test miserably because when they got to the SQRT problem, they immediately locked horns, using too much time to complete all the other simple questions. That was the ILLOGICAL approach. :)

If you belong to the generation that sat these multiple choice exams on a computer screen, please ignore all of the above!! :^0

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I just took a guess and moved on, however it seems I was right :)

by Slayer_ In reply to Ahh yeah - but the secret ...

I was done the test with 20 minutes to spare. The math stuff i did probably pretty bad on the second half of it, the first half, I could mental math it and figure out a close guess. And since its multiple choice, a close guess is often good enough to get you to the right answer. It never seemed to have any trick answers. The english part of it was crazy hard after like question 20/100. The other things came easy to me, not sure if to anyone else. In all honestly I think the test was a load of crap, since many of the people in my class were epic dumbasses, however our class was split in two. And apperently the half I was in was the smart half. People were actually requesting transfers into our half to be with the smart people. One of my friends from the other half said the other half would ridicule you if you asked questions. like wtf!? Questions are pretty much the only way for my fragmented mind to learn, that would have been terriable if that was the half I was on initially. I probably wouldn't have graduated. Especially not at the top of my class and with honors :). (it helped that the mr 4.5 GPA guy got a job earily and left college earily to finish it a year later, thus not being in my graduating year and making me the top :))

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