Silly Question?

By Anpadh ·
OK. Here we go. I am not a techie and never have been. I do enjoy working with computers and learning about them but I know zip about hardware -- and when I say zip, I am probably overstating my knowledge. I know a little bit about software but only a little more than the average non-techie, not nearly enough to be considered anything near being a software expert.

Now, here's the thing. I want to change my field. I am an English teacher. I want to switch over to the computer field. Money is the main reason. I won't deny that. But also, over the years, I have been failing to develop crucial educational tools simply because I don't understand computers. My research tells me that the future lies, not so much in a particular software, but in managing systems and networks. All software, ultimately, needs to work with the hardware, while the hardware can always adapt or ignore most types of software.

I have decided to work toward the CCIE certification. I know it takes a great deal of knowledge and several years of work. I know it is fairly expensive too. I know I need to get CCENT and CCNA certification and other certifications, en route to the CCIE. All of the comments I have read on this board state that it is damn near impossible to pass the CCNA test without actually working in the field before taking the test.

And that is what leads to my silly question: How do I get an IT job without any certification? It seems to be a Catch-22 situation. I need certification to get the job but I cannot possibly pass the certification test unless I already have a job.

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You're right - I don't reckon much to multiple choice either

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I just took a guess and m ...

According to Charles Darwin:

"If you give enough monkeys enough typewriters for enough time they will eventually come up with the complete works of Shakespeare."

In other words: order can come from disorder given a large enough random data sample and a sufficient passage of time.

So given enough opportunities to sit, then re-sit and re-sit and re-sit ad infinitum, any Numpty can pass a multiple choice exam eventually. There should be a law as to how many times Numpties are allowed to try it.

I've never re-sat ANY exam, never had to. In fact, when I did my first HND re-sits were not an option (6 Finals at the end of 2nd year, 7 Finals at the end of 3rd year) and if I'd failed ANY exam, I failed my course. In those circumstances (17 started in 1st Year - 5 didn't make it to 3rd Year, 2 failed some Finals so only 10 Qualified) we really had an excuse to go to the Pub and get well and truly sozzled !!

Not really much to celebrate if you pass on the Umpteenth Attempt.

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by jdclyde In reply to I just took a guess and m ...

When I took my MACE cert tests, it was three tests. All open book, open notes. 70% still fail.

I had to retake one of the three. Missed it by 3 points the first time. Was just as sweet a celebration. B-)

My ex-coworker wrote the first test, crashed and burned, and she never attempted any of them after that.

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I loved open book tests

by Slayer_ In reply to I just took a guess and m ...

Cause it meant the test time was 4 times longer than it needed to be, and I'd be the only one to study it while everyone went off drinking. Then, well, 4 hour test, done in 20 minutes, perfect score, everyone else... didn't even finish or got stuck on stupid things.

After a test someone actually asked me how to declare and show a new window. I'm sorry, you could guess and get it right faster than you could look it up in a book. Or use google since internet webpages were allowed lol. (They would check your history later to see if you did anything against the rules)

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Nothing like a good glass of Chateau de Chasselas...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I just took a guess and m ...

Ah well, back to the Land of Dreams, when men were men ...

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Sin and open book exams

by jdclyde In reply to I just took a guess and m ...

Yeah, if you have to do more than a few quick references, you were not going to finish in time.

The nice thing about the MACE tests for SCO, you could skip a question and come back afterwards, unlike some that don't let you come back once you go to the next page. Answer all you KNEW, and THEN figure out the longer ones.

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Getting as many answers as you can before doing the longer ones

by Slayer_ In reply to I just took a guess and m ...

Is the best way to do an exam, I always question those that did not do it that way.

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Thanks, Robert!

by Anpadh In reply to Do you have an advantage?

I appreciate the information. Looking into it.

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A different path... maybe?

by daveo2000 In reply to Silly Question?

As has been said, plenty of times, it is a bad time to get into IT. Even if you study hard and learn everything, you will probably spend more money to catch up and get certified than you can afford to, then the "reward" at the end will be lower since we have so many really talented and out of work folks around now.

A field that is really taking off right now is the field of Risk Analysis. Many years ago, lots of Humanities majors went into finance and did fairly well (for some reason that I cannot explain). Perhaps there is something in the process of a Humanities education that prepares one for aspects of financial services.

Well, those financial services guys have screwed up big time and now are being required to evaluate and monitor risk of investments regularly and report on levels of risk openly.

Think on that one. It might be a better choice.

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Anpadh's got a problem with that though ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to A different path... maybe ...

I mean, financial risk analysis - wouldn't you have to be able to count big numbers without having to take off your shoes and socks???

****, Anpadh can't even SPEAK without both feet in his mouth! :^0

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Just because that is funny, doesn't mean

by jdclyde In reply to Anpadh's got a problem wi ...

that I am going to laugh....

I lie, I am laughing....

What a picture, feet in his mouth and winged pigs flying out his ***.... :0

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