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By Jaqui ·
So, Tuesday I spend 12 hours dealing with a malware infestation.

silly user installed mysearchbar toolbar into IE.
which installed:
Trojan FakeAlert.M
Trojan Generic7.QAQ [ 8 instances ]

what was nice was that after the malware wouldn't remove through ripping it out of the registry, deleting the installed files etc, that a clean new install with AVG 8 found the malware installers in the data backup before they were able to re-infest the system.

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I do the side jobs at my leasure

by jdclyde In reply to I like the income...

I inform them when I am available and when I am not, so it does NOT get in the way.

I also insist on bringing the systems home to work on, so I can start a disk and walk away. That is also why I tell them it will be two days for me to finish. B-)

If they don't like it, they can always take it to best buy and let them F it up for three times the cash and four times as long AND they have to deliver and pick it up.

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At home, I have had a silly user infestation

by DelbertPGH In reply to silly user

My nephew would install anything that glittered. He's gone now, but things run at half the speed they used to.

With four kids and a wife who all moved through various stages of computer sophistication, I had many what-the-****-is-this-and-thats-why-it-runs-like-crap-and-pops-up-two-dozen-ads rants. One time, somebody heard about some free plasma TV campaign, and used my Yahoo mailbox to fill out the application. She quit after an hour and a half, because it dawned on her that it was getting entirely too personal, besides boring. So she never got her TV. But I now receive at least 110 spams a day on that mailbox. At least.

The worst, though, was in the mid 1990s, before everybody was on the Internet. Boyfriends would show up at the house with floppy disks in hand, ready to play the cool new game they had just downloaded from the modem, and when they left, my computer was sick. No unsafe sex practice ever left behind more viruses than that parade of high school seniors.

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