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Since when were MCSEs' required to be VBScript or ASP.NET experts?

By Big Ole Jack ·
I'm seeing more and more jobs out there requiring MCSE certification as well as expert knowledge in VBScript and ASP.NET. Not any one of the cert exams touches on scripting, nor do I believe that Microsoft even requires scripting knowledge of MCSEs'. Are prospective employers confused as to the difference between server/OS engineers and developers, who I see as being scripting and ASP.NET experts? How many of you out there are MCSEs' and also experts in scripting or know someone who is? If scripting should be a required skills among MCSEs', shouldn't Microsoft require it to be included in its MCSE curriculum? What are your thoughts?

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Which is why these positions are rarely ever filled

by Big Ole Jack In reply to Easy answer

And if they do find someone to fill the position with, it's usually some low paid H1-B candidate who doesn't mind working for chump change and barely gets the job done.

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by cpayne366 In reply to Which is why these positi ...

While you wave that big ole FLAG!

Just moved, no work for me or chemist wife.

Cheap ruckers!
Still Sore

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I hope you're not condoning such stupidity.

by Big Ole Jack In reply to Easy answer

That's like expecting a locksmith to do plumbing work or an electrician to do masonry.

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Too true.

by om_Instance In reply to Easy answer

And they expect you to be on the same profficiency level as a DBA with 10 years experience when you're wroking in SQL, or equivelant for each other task they have you doing. And they want you to shovel snow in your free time, and mow the grass when it's nice out. "Other duties may be assigned beside those listed in this job posting."

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It depends on what the job requires . . .

by riotsquirrl In reply to Since when were MCSEs' re ...

If you work in systems integration, a knowledge of both OS and whatever scripting language(s) dominate(s) on that OS is often required to get all the components working together. Ads for Unix sysadmins routinely require shell scripting plus Perl or other scripting languages. When I started working in NetWare networks, you really couldn't create the users' working environment without DOS batch files and NetWare's login scripting language. As far as I know, it's only a Microsoft conceit that a systems administrator wouldn't have to know some kind of scripting. As for expertise level, that's something else.

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An Experts

by corporate In reply to Since when were MCSEs' re ...

r u experts in security ?

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Wearing Multiple Hats / Administration / H1B

My guess as to the reason for the scripting is that they want the person to be a "network administrator" and some previous administrator set up a bunch of scripts to help them with administration. So, the scripting became necessary.

Then they probably want the same person to be a webmaster, so they want ASP.NET to help out there. That way, the person can develop the web pages announcing the company's new widget and the company doesn't have to hire a uni-tasking html coder.

Finally, I imagine that at least some companies are requiring all this in the hopes that nobody will be able to provide all this. That way the company can say they couldn't find any Americans qualified to do the job so they should be able to bring in an H1B person for 1/4 the pay.

As to whether all this is needed? I think scripting can help network admins with some of their tasks. When I worked in the admin side of this, I used scripting and batch files a lot to help automate certain tasks. It also helped to build a script, put it on the network and tell a user with a certain problem to just run the script and let it fix the problem for them.

Whether admins need ASP.NET; I'm a bit shakier on that one. Unless, of course, you want to post technical procedure instructions on the Intranet. Somehow, though, I doubt that happens very much.

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Scripting is really handy

by MartMan In reply to Since when were MCSEs' re ...

I've been an MCSE since 1999 and have been scripting since then too. I don't think you have to be a scripter to manage computer systems but it certainly saves a ton of time.
Spending an hour or two writing a vbscript to automate a task that usually takes 10 minutes each day will save you 43 hours per year..every year.. and thats just with a 2 hour investment..
I collected so many scripts over the years I even set up a website for them.. so that shows you how much I value the skill.
All the best.. Marty

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