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Since when were network admins supposed to be developers too?

By Big Ole Jack ·
Check out this silly looking email I got today from another "recruiter". Is this even a real position? They want a network admin with programming skills too? Perhaps they also want psychic abilities and the ability to forecast the stock market as well? What the heck is going on?

June 25, 2007

Dear ******:

Subject: Ref# KF 06251/System Administrator - Windows / Zenworks Deployment Expert/Madison Ave , NYC

We are pleased to bring to your kind attention the opening that you may wish to consider. Please find the details of the position below this message.

Should this position interest you, we would highly appreciate to hear back with a latest copy of your resume in Word format.

Feel free to pass this notification to any one else you know may be interested.

Thanks in advance for your time and looking forward to working with you.

Best regards,
Hari Kumar
Resource Specialist
DataSoft Inc
Ph: (67 267-3728
(67 777-2356 (Cell)
=====================POSITION DETAILS ===================

Ref# KF06251

Title : System Administrator - Windows / Zenworks Deployment Expert

Location : Madison Ave , NYC - Local candidate only

Duration : 6 months +- going till the end of this year right now. Highly likely going into 2008.

Job Description

Analyzes and evaluates major system project requirements of considerable complexity requiring a thorough understanding of all parameters affecting and interfacing with the system. Reviews user requirements and provides direction in the identification of problem and potential resolution. Defines system objectives and prepares system design specifications to meet user and system requirements. Formulates logical statements of user requirements and develops solutions through application of systems and methods of engineering techniques. Reviews alternate approaches and selects appropriate methodology. Recommends corrections in technical applications and analysis. Applies advanced technical principles, theories, and concepts. Contributes to the development of new principles and concepts. Works under consultative direction toward predetermined long-range goals and objectives. Determines and pursues courses of action necessary to obtain desired results. Work checked through consultation and agreement with others rather than by formal review of superior. May provide work leadership for lower level employees. Considered expert in field. Excludes those with full supervisory responsibility.

Skill Set Requirements

Operating Systems:
Windows 2003 Advanced, Windows XP Professional, Web and Enterprise Server (including Cluster servers), Windows 2000 Advanced, Active Directory, NT, Terminal Server, VMWare, Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP/Vista desktop, Linux

Protocols and Services:

Software and Utilities:
Windows XP, Windows Server, Active Directory, IBM Director, Novell, Blackberry Support, Veritas Backup Exec., ZENWorks 6.5 ? 7.0 (Software deployment Application), Ghost, Tivoli, MS Office, Citrix MetaFrame, Remote Access Support, Terminal Services, Nortel VPN, Wireless networking, McAfee, Patchlink

Programming :
MS Visual Basic 6.0/ Visual Basic. NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, HTML, MS Visual J++ 6.0, C, C++, Crystal Report

Hardware :
HP / Compaq Proliant DL and ML Series, IBM Servers, Dell Servers, IBM / DELL Laptops, Printers (IBM, HP), Scanner, NIC, Modem (Internal, External, PCMCIA), SCSI, RAID 0/1/5, Cable Cat 5, Cisco Routers, Switches, Hubs, WI-FI Network, Linksys Networks, Netgear Networks,D-Links Networks, SOHO, ISDN/ T1 Lines, DSL

Proficiency Requirements

Proficient in the Software packaging lifecycle, including installation and configuration, testing, customization via msi and mst modifications.
Advanced expertise with packaging utilities such as Wise Installer, Install Shield or Flexnet Admin Studio (Zenworks Edition)
Advanced knowledge of Windows 2k and XP Desktop imaging specifically in the area of creating a single image for multiple hardware types.
ZenWorks imaging, proficient in the delivery of desktop images via PXE and/or Boot CD
Experience with ZenWorks policies
Detailed experience with Complex customized deployments such as MS Office, Adobe, SAP client, Oracle client, Novell Client, Internet Explorer, Java, Zen Agent, Patchlink Agent and McAfee in a 5000 user+ enterprise environment.
Expert level experience with the Development and Deployment of ZenWorks Application Objects (NALs) following Best Practice Standards as recommended by Novell
Must have at least 2 - 4 years experience with ZenWorks version 6.5 or newer
ZEN Desktop Management integrations with Zen Server management, a huge plus
Experience with Windows Server builds 2k and 2k03.
Ability to meticulously QA products/process across multiple platforms and document
Excellent troubleshooting skills regarding all aspects of ZenWorks functionality on the Desktop
Ability to analyze failure/success of deployments and provide reports


Windows 2003 Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
Windows 2003 Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
MCSE: Windows 2000
MCSA: Windows 2000
Certified NetWare Engineer (CNE)

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I presume

by Shellbot In reply to Since when were network a ...

the salary is about 200K+ ??

I thought i had seen some effed up specs..but that tkaes first place..

I see a lot of same-ish specs in ireland recently. Its like they combine 3 positions to save the money and then can't understand why no one has the experience and skills to fill the role.

Had a call this morning from an agent. Seemingly my cv is a perfect match for a position they've got. Its a hybrid DBA/SQL Dev/ .NET dev/ System Admin / General Support role

So right, thats 5 positions rolled into one. I beg to ask, how would you get any solid work done???

Too cheap to hire a couple staff... thats what i think

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I emailed the dipsh*t back asking about salary..still waiting for response

by Big Ole Jack In reply to I presume

I doubt they are even paying $100K for this. They'll be lucky if they find some poor sucker on H1-B to do this kind of work, because nobody I know will put themselves into such a hellhole.

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I think I already work for.....

by michael.brooks2 In reply to I emailed the dipsh*t bac ...

I think I already work for the dipsh*t that wrote that job discription. He will put out a post like that for a job that pays $35,000.
We have a lot of jobs here in AZ for $13.00 hr Help Desk. But require Advaced knowlege of Active Directory.....Network Administrator sh*t, lol.

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Helpdesk should know how to create user account using ADUC

by Big Ole Jack In reply to I think I already work fo ...

but not how to perform an authoritative restore of AD using NTDSUTIL. That's why there is so much turnover in helpdesk because the corporate dolts that hire helpdesk staff expect helpdesk to know as much as the 3rd level systems engineers. Reality dictates otherwise.

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Position Duties

by hlore In reply to Helpdesk should know how ...

Is there a site where one could find a list of just what duties are appropriate for various positions?

When I think of Help Desk, I think of someone to answer questions like, "My mouse won't move." Or "Word has an error and won't shut down." I'm reticent to give a help desk position admin rights on the servers at all, even if that person is only supposed to unlock accounts. Is there a way to lock down just what an account can perform both on the server itself and in Active Directory?

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Delegation of rights was designed for this purpose.

by Big Ole Jack In reply to Position Duties

That's what delegation of rights is for in AD. You can lock down the abilities of help desk to only a specific set of permissions without having to give them any admin rights. AD gets pretty granular with this stuff. I suggest you read up on delegation of rights on OUs', sites, and's pretty cool stuff.

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There's a poster for this...

by techrepublic In reply to I emailed the dipsh*t bac ...

Take a look what they are really looking for:

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And 3 days later, the idiot finally responds with's pathetic!

by Big Ole Jack In reply to I emailed the dipsh*t bac ...

Thanks for your response. I feel the client is looking for an Administrator with a combination of skills. <B>(Your cheap *** idiot of a client doesn't have a friggin clue what they want!)</B>
We could pay $35-40/hr. <B>(Are you out of your god forsaken mind? Try more like $80/hr for all this crap!)</B> Could you please get back with your expected compensation?

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I'm sorry? $35-$40/hr?

by jmgarvin In reply to And 3 days later, the idi ...

They better pay overtime at time and a half. I just don't get it....

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Yes, and my response to him was "Are you kidding me? try at least $80/hr"

by Big Ole Jack In reply to I'm sorry? $35-$40/hr?

This position stinks of H1B nonsense.

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