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Site outage scheduled for today 8/9/07 at 5:30 pm EST

By Beth Blakely ·
TR will be down for approximately 30 minutes today beginning at 5:30 pm EST.

Here's a short list of things you can do while we're down:

1. Clean out your keyboard
2. Clean your mouse
3. Create fun lists to post on TR
4. Think up bizarre complaints that will drive BB out of her mind
5. Try to out geek The Geek
6. Try to out gadget sMoRTy71

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5:30 EST

by maecuff In reply to You've done it to me agai ...

works just fine for me. I don't have to calculate anything. I just have to look at my watch. :)

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Looks like I was too busy and missed the outage

by The Scummy One In reply to Site outage scheduled for ...

So I guess I cannot ask for mayhem videos this time (besides it was scheduled)... :)

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So Beth

by Tig2 In reply to Site outage scheduled for ...

Any mayhem? People screaming? Trick ponies?

Seems awful quiet around here. Too quiet!

Tell everyone at TR to beware. I have counted the ribbons. There are none in the PTB.

Get with the game!

Hugs to you all for getting through yet another TR "crisis". Thanks for the warning!

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Warm fuzzy!!!

by Beth Blakely In reply to So Beth

The PTB are aware of your upcoming adventure and we've been talking about it in the office. We're not flying our pink ribbons yet but we're behind you 110 percent. Stay tuned.

There was no mayhem this time. Since it was planned, it was just like a fire drill. In fact, since it happened at 5:30, most people actually WERE walking out the door!

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by jdclyde In reply to Warm fuzzy!!!

Or running, before anything could go wrong? :0

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More to express

by rob mekel In reply to Walking?

their support to TT


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Just enough time to count my necktie collection <nt>

by Don Ticulate In reply to Site outage scheduled for ...
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So, how many neckties?

by Absolutely In reply to Just enough time to count ...
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One, hemp...

by neilb@uk In reply to So, how many neckties?
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Now Neil

by Tig2 In reply to One, hemp...

Just because I am walking 20 miles tomorrow doesn't mean you have to. You can put away the necktie.

20 miles tomorrow followed by 8 on Sunday. Next week is easy- 10 and 8. After that, 20, 20, 20.

Hmm. Have to check my socks...

Edit. Missed one...

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