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Site to Site VPN over Public Internet

By odie18 ·
Does anybody knows how to setup a VPN over public internet access using DSL?
Both routers have Public IP obtain via DHCP from the local ISP. (192.168.x.x)
Any site/s I can check that gives comprehensive and precise tutorial about this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Configure VPN

by pandianec In reply to Site to Site VPN over Pub ...


If u have to running win2003 to configure a VPN .The following link is help to configure VPN.

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Tried It

by odie18 In reply to Configure VPN

Thanks a lot for you response. Though, my problem is the IP of my host pc. It is a public IP obtain from a local ISP (192.168.x.x) and I am getting "Host Not Found" message when I tried to connect using the configuration.
Any other way to go around this? Again, Thanks. I appreciate your help.

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by jcole In reply to Tried It

Check your Router's WAN IP Address. 192.168.x.x is usually used on the LAN side of the Router. There will be an IP issued by the ISP (WAN) and one that the router uses for it's LAN. Try changng the VPN settings to use the WAN IP.


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by odie18 In reply to IP?

Thanks a lot for you help.
Both IP's on WAN & LAN sides are 192.168.x.x
the difference only is their subnet.
I can view my ISP's Domain Name and DNS though which has 203.x.x.x on it. Can this help me? Another concern, given this resources, Can a VPN device or VPN capable router can solve my problem even if my ISP won't give me free (non-proprietary)re-routable IP address?

To Varalis,
Thanks buddy. I've noticed that, that's why I am hoping that somebody out there knows how to go around it.

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I highly doubt it...

by Varalis In reply to WAN & LAN IP's

I highly doubt it as routers inherently understand to not look to the internet facing NIC to find a 192.160.X.X address.
Basically you're on a 192.168.X.X. Network trying to establich a VPN connection to another 192.168.X.X address. You're router or switch for that matter will look locally only to try and establish a connection to that address. Unfortunately I believe you'll have to work with your ISP to find a solution to this issue as they ultimately will control your traffic flow. Or better yet, if you have an option of going with a provider that will give you a REAL routeable IP address instead of the ding-**** solutions DSL providers are devising to save on costs of having to buy IP addresses. I hope for your sake you have options, and in my opinion you should persue those.

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Non Routeable.

by Varalis In reply to Tried It

The Problem is and alot of DSL ISP's are doing this it would seem now.
192.168.X.X. is not routeable over the internet. It is a Local lan only. You'll need a Valid Routeable IP from your ISP.

If you get any IPs as those listed, you're kinda hosed unless the IP you are trying to connect to is also on the ISP's internal network as you appear to be. In wich case you don'yt need a VPN because you are on a PN (Private Network) already.

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Have it Working now...

by odie18 In reply to Non Routeable.

To: Pandianec
Jim (JCole)

Thank you guys so much.... for inspiring me to go on with this project knowing that somebody out there is more than willing to share their wisdom to help others.
I am now using wallcoolers to tunnel my VPN and it works great. (Keep my fingers cross)
Again, Thank you very much to all of you for such an inspiration. God Bless you all.

Odie Mantua

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by jeffrey In reply to Have it Working now...

hi pinoy din po ako kaso d2 me saudi ngaun sir plss help me to configure my VPN. what are you using 2003 server or VPN routers?please send mo nmn po kung pwede step by step kung pano nyo po ginwa pls i reall need help thank you po my contact info email ko at at thanx po

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