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slow down trying to save a buck at WalMart!

By Oz_Media ·
The expected mass hysteria of WalMart having a sale, a young guy was killed; that's right, trampled to DEATH by losers trying to save a dollar on low quality chinese import sh1t at Wally World.

Okay, they tore the doors off the store, trampled an overnight stock clerk to death, trmapled another who managed to free himself and even knocked a pregnant women to teh ground causing her to miscarry her unborn child.

SICK f'in freakshow!! What's with people today? and worst of all NOBODY stopped to help!

WHat a great day Thanksgiving will be for the dead young man and pregnant women will be from now on. It is absolutely disgustign taht ANYOEN could act that way in public, showing absolutely NO consideration, manners, or a care in the world for human lives all for a SALE!

It's not like they were giving away freedom, its not like they wer handing out free cars or homes, this is plastic, knock-off sh1t at WalMart for Christ's sake!

I don't know how anyone can stand sharig a country with such losers, that must be the absolute epitomy of the bottom of society, people bumming change on the street have far mroe class and human decency than that.

Just absolutely amazed at how ignorant and useless society can be and, in this case, from what is supposed to be the mightiest nation on Earth?


The part that really blows my mind is this comment:
"The industry?s largest retail group said the incident was rare.

"We are not aware of any other circumstances where a retail employee has died working on the day after Thanksgiving," said Ellen Davis, a spokeswoman at National Retail Federation.

Okay it's rare, but the best she can do is say its teh first time someone has died this way THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING?? How about EVER?

Does she mean to say that its quite expected on Boxinig Day, on Halloween they usually lose 10 but the day after Thanksgiving, now THAT is rare!

What a horrible death, trampled.

I would like ot see them start NAILING people for it, use teh instore camera, FIRST guy to knock him down is charged with life with no parole; sure he was pushed, somebody has to pay. Perhaps they would finally start to get some class and act like human beings, superior to the rest of the animals on Earth.

Sorry, but this makes me sick to death of people in general to think that ANYONE would be so low on the food chain as to participate in something like that is simply an embarassment to mankind as a whole .

In Canada, not to suggest we are better but it is a better solution, Boxing day is now Boxing week (as I know it is in much of the USA too), this stops the mad rush and one day easy theft spree for all shoplifters.

When they do have door crasher sales, they are nowhere NEAR as unruly as that though, people do push and squirm to the front right before the doors open but most just push them back and give them that 'go get some class' look.
It is nowhere near this kind of a circus.

People neeed to learn better manners, have some class and respect for others etc. But if they are simply taught its all for one and one for all then it will never work as society gets denser and denser. Crime, drugs etc. its all a result of people feeling a fight or flight urgency in life.

To make a real stretch, and I know most of you will hate me for it but most of you hate me ayway for not thinking like you; this is probably, if not directly, related to that whole US mindset that makes people not want to help others (welfare etc.) as you are taught to not let someone else have what you earned, to not let others get more than you and to always come out on top; survival of the fittest.

Its great motivational BS but it also instills a mindset of not giving a damn about anyone but yourself.

i still can't get my head around how the US is deemed teh mightiest nation on Earth. Weak economy, reliant on the rest of the world for even the most rudimentary daily functions (yet claiming to be independent), always at war with someone over something, low educational levels, reliant on teh reat of the world to invent everything, etc., etc., etc. the list goes on and on. Its like watching zulu's in Africa....with money and weapons otehr than spears.

the part that really gets me, sorry rant almost through now, is that I doubt ANYONE will learn or change ANYTHYING over this, "Very rare incident.....for the day after Thanksgiving" anyway.

Will WalMart change the way they open stores for such sales? How about like a concert, allow the first 100 people to line up inside a barricade, with third party, professional security containing it. give them wrist bands and only THEY get in for teh first 20 minutes, then more allowed in and so on.

You don't have that wrist band, you can't enter the store, go through the checkout etc.

If you are someone who pushed in front of that first 100 people, you are SOL.

It also opens up opportunity for teh first 100, as we've seen here for Boxing Day sales. The first few get in and buy the door crashers (hey, they WERE there first) they then go to the line poutside and resell what they don't want. People in line get a decent deal, no more lineup and the ones at the front end up keeping the one or two items they really wanted, for free.

man, this is just sick though, how animals behave when uncaged.

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The above

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to slow down trying to save ...

is why I hide in the basement on Black Friday.

To quote someone I know: "People are my least favorite species." At least once a year.

edit: The death of Christmas spirit in the public marketplace is mourned by me.

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by Oz_Media In reply to The above

I expected a bit of the 'Oz is US bashing again' type of anti-Oz reply as usual.

This type of mass hysteria happens anywhere, however we usually see it from less developed countires when they hand out bread and water to the weak and needy.

I showed the article to a few other folks that came in the office today and I have to say the sentiment was the same. "What's with 'those' people?"

Its always one step forward and two steps back with such a dense society I suppose.

Best to just stay home, cuddle under the blankets and watch some cheezy daytime crap you don't have to sit through on a normal day of work, kinda like that 34 year old kid and pregnant woman should have done.

Fk WalMart and door crasher sales, it isn't worth it on the best of days.


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I didn't read it as US bashing

by Tig2 In reply to Thanks

Okay- you used a few generalities. I'm over that. I think
that you were more commenting about the inhumanity of the
situation. I can't say that you were wrong on that score. The
whole thing is tragic.

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I did read it as US bashing

by maxwell edison In reply to I didn't read it as US ba ...

Oz never misses an opportunity.

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They do slip by

by Oz_Media In reply to I did read it as US bashi ...

form time to time one gets through teh cracks, but hey I haven't been on Bushs butt much lately; then again, I think that playing his Nintendo GameBoy while Obama goes through the files and tries to see how he can sort out the country's problems is okay for him nowdays anyway.


I'm gonna miss him though, somehow I think that Obama wont be nearly as easy a mark as having a really incompetent idiot at the helm. Like him or not, Obama at least appears to be clever, even if its just a game; he's a lot better at it than Bush was.

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Here is some of the typical response...

by Keighlar In reply to Thanks

Oz, while I agree whole-heartedly with your lamentation over the despicable behavior of those people, and while I share in your frustration at the inability of people to comprehend basic human responsibility, I have to take huge issue with you in regard to your assessment of both America and Americans. Truth be told, I am not so happy with my country. I am frustrated with it and its people. I cannot understand the inability other?s have to see truths which appear to be so clear.
I have ?lurked? here long enough to know that you and I are going to fall on the opposite side of every political and social coin. What I take most ire at is your assertion that America and Americans are selfish ? that opposing welfare is selfishness. It proves that (1) you do not understand selfishness, and (2) that you know nothing about the welfare system in this country.
(1) How is it selfish to want to make your own decision on how your money is spent and to whom it is given? Welfare is the government telling me that I am not smart enough, capable enough or compassionate enough to decide how the money I work for is spent. The all-powerful, all-knowing government knows who needs my assistance and is more capable of distributing those ?funds? than I. That belittles and insults me.
Is there no possibility in your thinking that compassion exists by the 1000-folds here in America, but that it is stomped out by the greedy, grasping redistributing hands of the government? By the time they are done, we barely have enough to sustain our own families, let alone sustain others.
And yet, given this environment of ridiculous taxation, America still gives generously of itself.
See one source:
<i>Excerpt: (I understand these figures are from 1996, but the pattern remains.)
Charitable contributions: A US-Canada comparison
Canada, in general, maintains higher marginal tax rates than the United States. For instance, in 1996, the top federal marginal tax rate in Canada was 29 percent (plus a 3 and 5 percent surtax)3 and was effective at $59,181.4 The top combined marginal tax rate - provincial income taxes are levied on top of the federal rate - in 1996, for individuals earning $75,000 or more in British Columbia, for example, was 51 percent.5
The United States, on the other hand, maintained a top marginal tax rate of 40 percent in 1996, but at a threshold income of US$271,000. If we assume that the traditional theory of charitable giving holds, we would expect to observe higher levels of charitable giving in Canada than in the US.
Americans contribute in excess of $125 billion annually to charity,6 or roughly US$1,017 on average.7 Canadians, meanwhile, donate roughly $4 billion, or Cdn $738 on average, significantly less than their southern neighbours. This basic comparison casts doubt on the applicability of the traditional theory of charitable giving.
(2) Do you have any idea how inept and riddled with fraud the American welfare system is? Do I believe in welfare? No. Do I believe that there are much more viable alternatives that must be considered? Yes. The second the government (ours and any other country?s) gets involved, money is spent unwisely, committees are formed needlessly, and the entire project is in general botched up!
There are so many other ?points? that you make here that I could take to task one-by-one, but I don?t have the time or desire to engage you in an endless, pointless debate. Besides, Maxwell keeps you on your toes enough for me. It is amazing to me that you are obviously an intelligent and thoughtful person, and yet you so often come to incorrect conclusions. Americans as a whole are generous, compassionate people who do not wish to be subjugated, but to live fully in the hard-fought freedom given our generation.

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"If it ain't broke

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Here is some of the typic ...

fix it 'til it is."
A bumper sticker I'm particularly fond of. Government attitude in a nutshell.

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I don't disagree

by Oz_Media In reply to Here is some of the typic ...

I know and fully agree that wlefare is an abused and misused system, but they all are.

There's one thing about scammers, they will beat ANY system, ANYWHERE. Always have and always will, that's just what they do.

By taking support form them, you are in turn takign support from others who deserve, have earned and need the help of their fellowman.

DEsERVE, EARN? Yes some people need support, they woked hard and have fallen on hard times, they have both earned and deserve a hand from 'the people' seeing as i have been told many times that THE PEOPLE IS the US government, then the government should have teh ability to act on your behalf in such cases.

If th government didn't dole it out on welfare, you wouldn' tsee a penny more in your pocket anyway, they just alocate it to something else THEY deem worthy.

When you live in a ocuntry, especially one with such great opportunities for citizens, you pay taxes, unaviodable. Where those taxes go, also unavoidable.

So we WILL pay taxes and no matter how much or how little they give to welfare support, which for the MAJORITY of recipients is needed, you will see no additional benefit to yourself. If you think fo rone second that doing away with wlefare puts more money in yoru pocket, less taxes, you are sadly mistaken, governments DON'T give back yoru money, they just spend it somewhere else that most will contest and complain about.

The stats as ot donations are entirely irrelevant, at no tie did I say that Canadians were more generous.
Where you will find we are more generous though would be seeing and understanding the need for medical for every Canadian and welfare for those in need.

We don't make as many personal donations for the benefit of tax write offs? So what?

As for incorrect conclusions, that is relative to who you are speakign to, I could do the same with yoru post too, yet as you noted it's just not worth it nor am I interested in going down that path for a week or two.

"Americans as a whole are generous, compassionate people who do not wish to be subjugated, but to live fully in the hard-fought freedom given our generation."

perhaps you should keep an eye on your freedoms which are removed as soon as teh government decides it needs to remove them. They are merely assumed privileges, not freedoms. ANY American citizen had the same freedoms in 1942 that you have today, yet as it was deemed fit for eth government, they rounded up Chinese AMERICANS many born and raised there, and stuck them in camps. They took their houses, they split up their families and treated them as the enemy.

We did it too in Canada, and I don' tcontest that nbut I at least recognize it. Where were the FREEDOMS then?

Is there a time, in yoru mind, where your freedoms can be simply stripped from you because the government thinks it should remove them?

there are countless such cases in all FREE countries, yeah America's not the only one, sorry bout that.

"Americans as a whole are generous, compassionate people who do not wish to be subjugated, but to live fully in the hard-fought freedom given our generation."

Hard fought freedom taht can be taken away form a hard working American in a whim.

Compassionate people, who don't believe in welfare to support people (no, you don't know everyone and many would go unhelped if it was a personal system) and trample fellow Americans on their way to a store. Compassionate people who think that their allies are either on their side or against them. Compassionate people who rely on teh world for each and every breath they take, and yet spit on other nations that provide them with their lovely lives.

sure, you got me fooled alright. Anyway, time to **** this popsickle stand, talk to you some other time and I do appreciate your approach and honesty with your reply.

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Americans Are Stingy Givers

by TheChas In reply to Here is some of the typic ...

Of course from the raw numbers, it looks like the US gives a lot of money to charity when you look at raw dollars given. The US has the highest total personal income of any country.

However, if you look at percentage of wealth versus charitable contributions, or percentage of GNP versus contributions, the US becomes a low end giver.

Even when the people in the US give generously, their gifts have strings attached.

All you need to do is look at how we respond to events like hurricanes to see how stingy we are. While the Red Cross and Salvation Army ask for money to fund the relief efforts, the US people go to their closets and clear out the clothes they don't want anymore. Or, they go down to the local store and buy the supplies they think the charities should hand out to those in need.

Another factor to take into account is that most of the large charitable donations in the US total are from corporate and individual foundations. Foundations set up to distribute money to avoid or reduce taxation.

As to replacing public assistance with local or individual charity, there are many problems with that concept. Not the least of which is that the person who can tell the best story of woe is more apt to get assistance than the one in the most need.

I am sorry, but from where this American sets, the US people are very stingy givers.


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On the other hand

by TonytheTiger In reply to Americans Are Stingy Give ...

As to replacing public assistance with local or individual charity, there are many problems with that concept. Not the least of which is that the person who can tell the best story of woe is more apt to get assistance than the one in the most need.

Locals are more likely to know if one of theirs is honestly in need or spinning a yarn. They are also more likely to know what kind of, and how much, help someone really needs. One of the dumbest things our government does is to send SSI checks to alcoholics and drug addicts. What do you think they're going to do with the money?

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