slow internet speed

By jitorres61 ·
XP, Cable modem by router home cabling (in walls), says she opened an attachment and a day later she cannot get on the internet, go to her e-mail, some icons on her desktop have been changed. I ran systematic anti-virus and found nothing, I checked her speed it is down to almost nothing. I connected another computer to the same line (I disconnected her and connected another to the line that was on hers) and it worked perfectly fine fast internet and all. Any help?

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She's infected or that document busted NIC/TCPIP

by TG2 In reply to slow internet speed

antivirus can be fooled. Once someone runs content that the virus didn't find when run, it means the virus could be there in stealth mode hiding.

worse now are the root kit options that would hide processes even deeper.

If you have no experience hunting and nixing viri/worm/spyware/adware/trojans, then you would be best served either taking her drive out, put it into a known clean machine and scan with virus tools (also spybot search and destroy, and adaware, both free and I do mean search with BOTH programs)

otherwise.. cut your loss, either put in a new drive and install windows, or wipe out this drive 100% and then install clean.

and yes I'm being serious.. even with my life, I've wasted hours on end trying to help family and friends once they are infected, and it gets to the point I don't bother if the first attempts with virus and spyware software fail, to continue looking in vein for crap ware.. I'm usually more successful putting it into one of my machines and mounting the drive rather than booting off it.

And that is your key.. stealth viri are prolific because you are booting from the drive. When you suspect or *know* (seeing you have easily proven she's infected) there is an infection, you are booting from the drive that is infected.. so anything you do, CAN be countered by the best written software, even making it appear you're successful, but reboot, and some infected file is called upon, and reinfects.

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