Slow Outlook 2003 / Exchange

By razz2 ·
I have tried everything here and no luck. In a 2 office environment with SBS 2003. All Outlook 2003 users are fine except one. Of course, the one is the owner. Oh yeah.

Issue: Turns on desktop and when boot is complete (checked on this and he says it is finished. He has even waited 5 minutes) he launches Outlook. I says it is syncing all folders and finishes. Even then, the experience is painfully slow. If he reboots, the shutdown takes forever and then upon reboot everything is great. So, one chance a day to test a solution because if you reboot tests are useless until the next days first boot.

I tried a number of things a while ago and finally re-installed it. All has been fine for over a month. Last week it started again and he has no know changes that would trigger it. I recall trying on first boot avoiding Outlook and going into Word first & experiencing the same issue. I remember thinking "OK, not outlook / exchange specific." That is part of why I re-installed. To be safe I having him try that tomorrow morning. I had checked drives and power supplies and the color of the sky.

What could it be? Updates auto-install 60 minutes after boot if missed. It is first boot only and a reboot will almost always solve it but the reboot can take forever too.

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Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Could also be related to ...

It's certainly possible. We once lost the contents of a drive on a machine that was placed next to an outside brick wall in a heated building. Even though the heat in the building was turned on over the weekend but set at unoccupied settings (about 60F), that particular computer got too cold next to the wall. When they powered it up Monday morning, it corrupted the MBR during first boot because the drive didn't come up to speed soon enough. Even though later diagnostics on the drive said it was OK, the heads hadn't crashed, I replaced it. Once a drive crashes, you can never trust it again.

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Interesting thought

by razz2 In reply to Could also be related to ...

Not common but agreed it is possible. The first thought is the pc is in a comfortable place but I am going to check temp settings after hours.

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Hardware etc

by razz2 In reply to Look for things like..... ...

I have not swapped RAM but in my experience not likely to be time sensitive. It would manifest in other areas than the first boot. Could be wrong of course as this machine can do that to you. HDD I have full confidence in, switch and cabling too as the Procurve would indicate packet errors and I rang out the cables. NIC or MB? could be. I was leaning at hardware too until the first re-install solved it for over a month. Great idea on the HDD spin but the manufacturer utility says it's fine. May swap the NIC but again odd for one boot. A bad NIC would normally show elsewhere I would think.

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You seem to be forgetting..........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Hardware etc

.... This is the BOSS's computer! You can't depend on anything working the way it's supposed to work! :-&

After all, Gremlins live in all computers used by the Boss. That's their favorite 'haunt'. They hide in one component until you replace it, then run to the next component before you can detect them. You test the component and it works fine because the Gremlins jumped off of it. Without gutting the entire machine and putting all of the components through a sterile anti-Gremlin wash, you'll never catch them.

My method of dealing with the Boss's Gremlins is to replace the machine while the Boss isn't looking. I then put his machine on my test bench and make it perform 'unusual acts', such as some real number crunching for a change, something that it's not accustomed to performing. The Gremlins get tired of having to actually work and run to another computer! Since the Boss's computer isn't close to the test bench, they go on a sight seeing excursion around the office until they finally find where the Boss is hiding! Then, we start all over again!

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OK I know that this may sound strange

by OH Smeg In reply to Hardware etc

But had the Computer been running when you Tested the HDD with the Makers Utility?

If it is something screwy related to Heat/Grease it will test OK after the drive has warmed up enough to melt the grease and get things moving. It may fail the test though on the initial Boot.

At one place I built a system for the Boss and for some reason it kept loosing the Partition Information on the HDD every week. But this only started happening 6 months after it was put into service. I tracked it down to the Boss placing hi mobile Phone beside a Scanner that he fitted with not enough shielding. Naturally I only found his Mobile Phone there after he had to complain to me that the system was no good. It wasn't there when I went in to try to work out what was happening and to make life harder he didn't believe me so he had to leave it there again to see if it caused the problem.


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Antivirus on running on client

by jashish1 In reply to Slow Outlook 2003 / Excha ...

Have you ever tried eliminating AV running on any one of the desktops, as per the problem description I dont it has to anything with Exchange/Outlook communication.

Ashish Joshi

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by razz2 In reply to Antivirus on running on c ...

I agree that it is not outlook/exchange. I only used that as a symptom. All desktops run the same AV with no issue. I have disabled it on the offending machine. May try it. Again though same av and no odd CPU usage.

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Tried this..

by razz2 In reply to Slow Outlook 2003 / Excha ...

OK, I first want to thank everyone for great ideas. Many had been thought of and tested. Some had been considered and were just not worth it for the machine, like swapping a MB for testing. Others, like the temp issue, had never been considered.

I will run through them but again, but I only try one at a time and only get a shot a day. First I started simple again. I tried this before with no luck but I'm pretending this is a new issue and trying everything from scratch. I disabled startup scans on accessed/opened files and switched it to modified files. Then I will swap the NIC (again) and look at temp. I will report back.


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