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Smart Certify Direct - A+, MCSE

By briantollison ·
Has anyone used this training program?
I'm trying to decide between this and traditional classroom training...Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Used it on NT4.0 MCSE

by AliveinMI In reply to Smart Certify Direct - A+ ...

I used it on my NT4.0 testing. The CD based course worked pretty well. The only complaint I have with Smart Certify is their "Hard Sell" on the phone. The CD based format works well for self-paced training. If you don't have the mind set to keepstudying on your own then maybe the class based program will work better. I have looked into the LearnKey programs for the W2K testing. Has anybody had experience with their software?

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Why? Return on investment...

by tburt1530 In reply to Used it on NT4.0 MCSE

As an IT instructor, with more than 7 years of contract/consulting work, and no certifications...I have to say that if you are spending the money on getting your MCSE in any other way than self study, you are throwing your money away. There are manyother things in the IT field that have a much greater return on a similar, or dramatically lower, investment in time and money. Not saying it's not a good certification to have, but I have paid MCSE's $12.00/hr. to subcontract for me, and that is the most they had been paid/hour to date, due top little hands on experience

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Smart Certify (thumbs down)

by EPAIT In reply to Why? Return on investment ...


I run a CPA LAN/WAN for 50 CPAS and use Windows 2000 and including terminal server and Excahnge 2000. We switched from Novell (am CNE5 via class room back in 2002)....Due to pressures at work I have been trying to get my MCSE 2003. I used for my first test back in Nov 2004 for 70-215 Windows Pro (was on 200 tack and switched to 2003 after exam) I passed it by forking out more money to Exam Cram and borrowing a MS book MS from a friend. I went through tax season and picked up studying again after April 15th. I tried using just the training and tests form this time and even had them send me the cert blaster (100% on all 4 practice exams) took the test on June 28 and failed.....525 out of 700 passing. The exam was new with simulations and I ask if they had the new exam format and they didn't. I have been on Google and fouond there are several out there that are very similar to the exam questions. Any tips would be appreciated. I renewed my in Oct of last year for 2 more years on my money...the first time it was on the company....Am I out $1500? Any tips for preparing for the 70-290 MCSE 2003 exam would be appreciated.


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Learnkey is great

by capabel In reply to Used it on NT4.0 MCSE

I've used some learnkey to brush up on AD the training is to the point, very easy to understand and has a lot of good live video how to. I highly recommend it if you can afford it.

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Dont do it!

by malcolmkk In reply to Smart Certify Direct - A+ ...

I tried Smart Certify to do my A+ and luckily I got my money back, the A+ can be done from a book and several hours/days inside PC's/Printers. I would recommend the A+ for Dummies book, a few hours on their recommended web sites and some hands on (or in?) experience. As for the MCSE, which is my next quest, I think self study and then some classroom led training is the best way depending on yourself - this worked for my CCNA!

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by corpaulchsar In reply to Smart Certify Direct - A+ ...

We were unfortunate to believe their propaganda, found the program was inferior, tried to get refund, and ended up losing thousands of dollars.
I hope you didn't go through with it, although it's been a while since you've posted this.

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Pass the Certs

by doncarone In reply to Smart Certify Direct - A+ ...

I have tried every type of product while teaching the MCSE course for NT and 2000. The best training is always a classroom environment, but if you just want to pass the tests; test-kings will do it for you! But don't just memorize the answers, cause it will come back to haunt you!!! Use them for test prep.

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Don't do it

by cpierson88 In reply to Smart Certify Direct - A+ ...

I've lost my money, not worth it.

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Check for Smart Certify

by disposable12345 In reply to Smart Certify Direct - A+ ... lists two pages of negative comments about smart certify.

Most of the comments use words like "scam", "ripoff" and "liars".

Smart Certify is located in Clearwater Florida.
It may be affiliated in some way with the Church of Scientology.

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scientology and smartcertify

by loyalgirl1013 In reply to Check www.badbusinessbure ...

I know for a fact they are affiliated with the Scientologists!!!

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